Alabama republican wants schools to teach creationism from the christian bible and give kids credit for it on tests.

Again pushing religion in public schools, giving faith as science in instruction, allow kids to be uneducated.   Hugs

Section 1. (a) In any public K-12 school instruction concerning the theories of the creation of man and the Earth, and which involves the theory commonly known as evolution, any teacher may include as a portion of instruction the theory of creation as presented in the Bible, and may read passages in the Bible as deemed necessary for instruction on the theory of creation, thereby affording students a choice as to which theory to accept.

(b) For those students receiving instruction as described in subsection (a), and who accept the Bible theory of creation, credit shall be permitted on any examination in which the student provides a response in adherence to the theory, provided the response is correct according to the instruction received.

(c) A teacher in a public K-12 school may not stress any particular denominational religious belief.

36 thoughts on “Alabama republican wants schools to teach creationism from the christian bible and give kids credit for it on tests.

  • Bible theory? Bible…theory?

    Hulk Mad!

    These idiots wouldn’t know a theory if it bit them in the ass. I amost kinda wish this bill would pass, just so it could get slammed in court. But it would be preferable for people to stop electing these morons.

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  • The bible for bible-believers – but for all others this must be promoted as a book of fairytales – what it really is. For a foreigner – as I am – the American intelligence – if you have one – looks pretty strange and trump – while watching all the damage TRUMP does to your society — and accepting it.

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    • I agree. I ponder the head explosion of some of these theist if a ship full of space aliens were to land in a major city here in the states. Or maybe a large football televised game. Hugs

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        • Really, could they ignore what they could see, hear and maybe touch in favor of something from an old book with no proof and full of mistakes. That really would boggle my mind. Hugs

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                • I had a sudden thought ( do worry , it will go away soon ). Why do people from different areas of the country handle information changes differently? Why do we think of people from some areas as “stubborn” or ingrained, while we expect other areas to accept changes and are upset when they dont do so as fast as we like? Hugs

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                  • Well, though I have travelled here and far I know that there is a deep seeded bigotry ingrained in the south. Hell’s bells they are still bitter over the civil war! I am hoping the young people that are getting out into the world are rejecting the indoctrination. 🤗 I don’t think racism is as socially accepted in the north.

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                    • I was thinking of the stereotype that people in the south are naive, backward, and dumb while people in the north are educated, accepting and open to science. Now I have lived in the south and I found the stereotypes wrong. I would say it is not even true about religion as I can think of as many hard core religous extremists in the north as in the south. So I was wondering how this idea got so popular in the country. Hugs

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                    • I arrived at my opinion based on having rom lived in both areas. There’s nothing like the Deep South when it comes to racism and violence against minorities and religious brainwashing to justify it. I suggest a song by the Staple Singers “Down in Mississippi”.

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                    • I apologize for digressing Scottie, going off mark, I do that when I am feeling rather strongly about something. Perhaps it seems unfair to say that the deep south is backward but many are. Many are not less educated (I don’t think they are naive) than people in the Northern region of the country. Perhaps my experience has been different, a different interaction with people that I came in contact with. Not to say there is not a multitude of problems up North progressively.They can be filled with hate too. I am saying that racism is so deeply embedded in the rural south and that evangelical radicals abound preaching white supremacy. I speak from personal experience. I spent a good deal of my childhood in the rural South. My single father traveled and I lived with my grandparents on a farm in the heart of the South. I listened to the bible thumpers preach white supremacy, the racists who hired (after all slavery is illegal) minorities to work the fields but would not allow them to eat their lunch on the back porch. We have a long way to go in the South and in the North and in the world.

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                    • I understand where you were coming from. But that really was not what my question was asking. Like you I have traveled, and I have lived a long time in both New England and Florida. I have seen examples of both the stereotypes and the types you mentioned in both places. I was wondering how the north escaped the stigma laid heavily on the south when both have the same type of people scattered over diverse areas. It is OK, it was just a passing thought I had . Be well, hugs.

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  • Creation truly is stupefaction of people including children – cause it has NOTHING to do with facts – but onl y with FAIRYTALES – and fairytales are as cruel as creation is.

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  • That’s pretty messed up right there. Here in Texas, a lot of fundamentalists just homeschool their kids so they don’t have to learn about “evilotion” (yes, they spell it with “evil”, thinking it’s funny).

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