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February 9, 2018

An insider explains how rural Christian white America has a dark and terrifying underbelly

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Mary posted a link to a great article I strongly recommend everyone read.   Thank you Mary.  

Excerpt below:

I don’t have a good answer to this question. When a child has an irrational fear, you can deal with it because they trust you and are open to possibilities. When someone doesn’t trust you and isn’t open to anything not already accepted as true in their belief system, there really isn’t much, if anything, you can do. This is why I think the idea that “Democrats have to understand and find common ground with rural America,” is misguided and a complete waste of time. When a 2,700-year-old book that was written by uneducated, pre-scientific people, subject to translation innumerable times, and edited with political and economic pressures from popes and kings, is given higher intellectual authority than facts arrived at from a rigorous, self-critical, constantly re-evaluating system that can and does correct mistakes, no amount of understanding, respect or evidence is going to change their minds and assuage their fears.


  1. Thank you Scottie and it is an excellent article…worth the long read.

    Comment by Mary — February 9, 2018 @ 17:06

  2. I read this, too. outstanding article and honest. That’s nice. It doesn’t pull punches.

    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 9, 2018 @ 17:09

    • Agreed. I do not like it that the progressives have been made to feel the problem or guilty that the deplorables can’t understand reality. Look at the flack Hillary got for simply saying this. I refuse to feel it is my fault that idiots will not even try to understand and wallow happly in their mud and filth. Have a great weekend. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 17:12

      • Agreed. This is a fight for survival–our survival as a country, a species, and as individuals. Dems need to get tough and stay tough.

        Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 9, 2018 @ 17:15

        • Can they? They are so use to claiming they have no power, or they are taking the high ground, so afraid of being called the bad guys. I think they need to just say “damn the torpedoes , full speed ahead”. Hugs

          Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 17:18

          • I sure hope they do. I can’t stand much more of this shit.

            Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 9, 2018 @ 17:56

            • I agree. I am wondering if I can take much more and what the breaking point is. Hugs

              Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 17:58

            • Today tRump’s defending that wife-beating piece of shit idiot who resigned the other day and ONLY because a pic of a woman he punched in the face was made public. “He’s a great guy. Hope he does well.” Nothing said at all about the women. What a complete piece of garbage this guy is.

              Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 9, 2018 @ 18:01

            • And this is where we need the Democrats to go full on attack to point this out. They are the party of equality, the party of women’s rights…So where are they? Hugs

              Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 18:02

  3. Not hanging on the juggler of the GOP like they should be. Bite little Dems! Bite!

    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 9, 2018 @ 18:05

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