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February 9, 2018

Religious freedom laws…this is what it really means.

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  1. You left our red neck belt. That btw is true. Hugs

    Comment by House of Heart — February 9, 2018 @ 18:16

    • ??? No I live in Fort Myers Florida. It is on my blog sidebar. I have been here since 1994. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 18:18

      • I live in Daytona in the summer and Miami in the fall and winter. Central Fla is south Ga. Harley riding rednecks.

        Comment by House of Heart — February 9, 2018 @ 19:07

        • Sadly we have our share. I use to have a grand home in West Palm Beach and there we felt free , open and progressive. Here it is backwards and regressive. Hugs

          Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 19:26

          • Yep, I have been to Naples. So can conservative and snooty.

            Comment by House of Heart — February 9, 2018 @ 19:50

          • Good ones, Scottie. And I live in Central Fla and it is redneck and very religious, but thankfully I have some good friends who are not and are liberal progressive democrats. And I love the weather! Came from Asheville NC. a great progressive city mixed with Bible Belt. But it was too cold.

            Comment by Mary — February 9, 2018 @ 20:00

            • I am happy you found a nice warm place to be. Life should be nice. However we work to make where ever we are the way we hope it to be. I love the central Florida areas when we drive through them . I have often wondered what it would be like to live in the lakes areas or around Haines city. Hugs

              Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 20:04

  2. That first cartoon should be sent to each and every individual that thinks their “religious beliefs” should be honored above everything else. Can you imagine … ??!!?

    Comment by Nan — February 9, 2018 @ 18:23

    • When it starts to affect them, it goes from freedom to persecution. We have seen that move often enough. But I like your idea, we need to make adverts like the liberty council does and play them all over the media to show their hypocrisy. Have a great weekend. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — February 9, 2018 @ 18:31

  3. Don’t forget the antidepressant belt.

    Comment by jim- — February 10, 2018 @ 01:32

  4. Fortunately, religions are made-up. Which means we can make up our own religions. And deny service for ANYTHING we want (it’s not being bigoted, remember: it’s just our religion; sorry!) My religion, in fact, will require me to collect a paycheck from Walmart AND Chick-fil-A AND Hobby Lobby, while simultaneously not doing any work — or even showing up. How DARE they not send me a check! They’re persecuting me due to my religion!

    Comment by Anderson Connors — February 10, 2018 @ 14:49

    • I love it. I think if businesses with will not serve signs posted it would cut their business deeply. I am not so sure these days. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — February 10, 2018 @ 15:00

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