“Evidence” for a flat Earth (round Earth illusion created by Satan)

This post and the religious part in the comments hurt to read. I loved the comments as they point out the need for a much better education system. I hope my viewers and friends will get as much out of this as I did. We do need to understand what this part of our society believes and thinks, so we can deal with them appropriately. We need to know that some can not be reached, but others can. We need to learn why they missed the education needed for them to reason with and how to correct that problem. Hugs

Why Evolution Is True

Yes, there are still some severely deluded souls who think the Earth is flat. I got a long screed from one of them, a “John P.”,  in my email this morning. The second half of the email, which I’ll omit, gives equally compelling evidence for God. I’ve reproduced the words exactly as I received them. My favorite bit is the part where you can see Corsica (from your house?) He didn’t explain why the theory of evolution is a “blatant lie.”

Dear Mr Coyne,

Our education is flawed.

I’ve discovered evidence that the theory of evolution is a blatant lie and that the “big bang”, “space”, spinning “globe” theory is a blatant lie.

Firstly here is “flat” earth evidence I’ve discovered. The curve is supposed to be 66 feet over 10miles but is apparent nowhere and we can see beyond that distance. Corsica can be seen from 137 miles away. The…

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17 thoughts on ““Evidence” for a flat Earth (round Earth illusion created by Satan)

  • Scottie, in my years in the Psych/A&D field, clinics, and hospitals, we heard MANY patients — some requiring restraint or lock-down, unfortunately 😦 — like this utter and scream “facts” or “prophecy” from their rooms and down the halls. I must say, THIS Mr. John P here sounds eerily like them.

    You are also spot-on about particular education systems in the USA. I’ll sum up my personal opinion that best expresses my concern and the systems in dire need of repair, modifications, or overhauls:

    Teach them how to think, not what to think.

    In all of my many years in Christian ministries, churches, seminary, and events, the education format for listeners/students was most often lectures, or preaching, or in other words inward absorption. Rarely was their any questioning or scrutinizing, or exploration, contrasting, comparing, or refining/correcting — all critical in 2-way multiple-way communication and learning, much less ingenious creation. :/

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    • I couldn’t help but think of IB’s recent comment on Mel’s blog about raising children when I read your “Teach them how to think, not what to think.” She (and hundreds of others just like her) are simply unable to accept that non-believers allow their children to make up their own minds. (God forbid!)

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      • Agreed Nan. Many times IB and those like her don’t even recognize that they are NOT teaching, but dictating, programming young minds or naïve adult minds to merely “follow” thru “faith”… not to think or question or create. The psychological and emotional numbing those methods cause are crippling to progress and fuller, more WHOLE happiness. Sad. 😦

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  • For everyone to know: Th NASA has sent astronauts into earth-orbit all being blind ; making millions of fotos of the earth – including billions of sattelitefotos, and they all declare and show, that our earth is shaped nealy linke a spere. Even the formula for calculatin the volume of a sphere shows, that the earth is NOT FLAT, cause you can test , if you fill a balloon with water and put it down into water, collecting the water and measure it.
    So why would lots of these stupids dare to fly around the earth and never “fall” down from a flat earth. Not even priests, bishops and cardinals could be that stupid. So, why could the earth ever be flat?
    If any of the “earth-is-flat-believers” were true, there head would also have to be flat. For some it shure is!!!
    A lie is a lie, and a liar is a liar, and the bible is a lie.

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    • Sadly in the US a culture of science denial has grown. Any science is rejected. This was first pushed by creationist and anti-evolution religious leaders. Now it is a rabid disease spreading to the least educated in our system. Education it self is under attack here. Hugs


  • I’ve seen the curvature of the earth phenomenon/hoax from the Concorde. From that altitude you can see great sheets of wool pulled tightly over everyone’s eyes. 👀

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