Many religious people will march for days against making a cake of gay people, but only send their prayers for killed kids. Wrong answer religious people.

16 thoughts on “Many religious people will march for days against making a cake of gay people, but only send their prayers for killed kids. Wrong answer religious people.

  • You’re right. We should send our thoughts and prayers against gays and their evil cakes too! And / or we should march for the killed kids. If the thinking and praying don’t stop the killing. The marching will.

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    • Yes we need a wave of people like the women’s march to show politicians that this time we have had it. We will move against any politician that blocks common sense gun regulations. Hugs


  • Sorry, just like in Germany leading politicians will sit any protest out. Only if their own clientel will be protesting too they will take notice, and maybe start a change. But I have no hope that Republican’s clientel will ever do that.

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    • In this case I was talking about the religious people. Church people who pay huge sums to take away gay people’s rights, and promote the idea that they shouldn’t have to provide services in a public business to gay people, yet they only pray for kids killed by guns. This is directed to them. Get off your knees and get out there stopping gun violence. Hugs


  • Scottie…what can I say. These people are idiots!
    My brother,who is also an atheist, and I have said…it’s too bad these religious nuts and their holier than thou hypocrisy, can’t somehow know it after they die….just how wrong they were and how unnecessarily mean they were. But that would mean life after death, so it ain’t gonna happen….

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    • I am angry because it is so true, kids, adults, people are dying but what the religious people worry about is sex between consenting adults. Especially those having sex that are the same gender. Hugs


  • Yes they indeed worry about the wrong things. I can only hope it’ll change someday with the younger generation, as with the young man in the video. I see a future for him…maybe in changing politics

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    • I agree. From what I am reading today it seems they already have. Those kids took to social media and ignited a fire under a lot more young people. It is a torch now, and their parents are working with them. This even bribed republicans can not ignore. If it can last long enough and doesn’t burn out. Hugs


  • Dear Scottie and Friends, i understand that not too long after the Civil War, there was a law enacted to grab the guns from black people, and the kkk had a field day. In other words: take the guns away from ordinary citizens, and what you’ll end up with is the lowest-of-the-low with the guns.


    • Hello Susan. I am not sure of this historical, but it makes no sense today. I would need you to give evidence of this, articles from newspapers, legal texts. But regardless that is not the case in our world today. and really has nothing to do with my post. Please expand your comment. Hugs


  • I don’t see that she even has a blog.
    The main thing some pro gun people won’t understand is that no one wants to take all guns away. But strict background checks, no assault type weapons, no guns to felons and mentally ill people and no guns sold out of the back of pickup trucks with no check. Same goes for ammunition. And not selling bullets that can pierce vests of law enforcement officers except to them.

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    • Yes her blog has been removed. It really made little sense. I am not sure if she was a troll or a bot or simply misinformed. Yes Mary, you hit the nail on the head. I agree. Hugs


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