26 thoughts on “Evidence shows prayers do not stop bullets.

  • I have sat with many a dying person in my 8 years of being a chaplain and have found that my presence alone worked better than anything. I know off topic but kind of on

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      • I was just saying to Scottie that all I meant was that sometimes a chaplain knows when more is needed than prayer. I just didn’t word that very well!!!!!
        I meant it in agreement

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        • Bethany you are OK. Please visit Nan and those of us in this community. They are very understanding accepting. Heck, they took this old abused block head in and they started teaching me things. They are a good group. Loves and hugs. By the way. I hope you are OK. I know you were so very ill. I was worried. Hugs

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          • My husband and I went to the a prairie to look at the birds this weekend. He was home yesterday and today. He carried me up flights of stairs so I could look out over the prairie. He said I had really lost a lot of weight. I dont notice but I am not rebounding as easily as when he was home. It is hard to do this on my own all week while he is gone. I worry about my body but am trying to live in the moment for my mind! Fortunately, the seizure meds have kept the seizures away. Some of the memory loss is still an issue. But it may always be. Thank you for caring! Will follow nan now

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            • Bethany I am so sorry for your losses, and I also am so happy you have your husband. I do not know what to say. The struggle you are going through is so hard. Your health, your daughters health. I am simply stunned. I am so glad you are better than you were. I wish the best to you and your family. Hugs

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    • Bethany. I am really glad you could give comfort. No one is arguing that. But for those who are resisting any positive change in regulating or resisting gun control regulations by saying it is in god’s hands, and who respond to each of these shootings with their “thoughts and prayers” need to be set straight. As I posted on another blog about this. IF these people think their prayers are strong enough to stop bullets then they can prove it. Have them get shot at while defending themself with their prayers. If they don’t have the conviction to do that, then they need to stop asking kids to do it. Glad to see you back. Hugs


      • HI!!! I’ve been reading your blogs. I totally agree! I was just saying that even a chaplain sometimes knows when the right time to pray is and when the right time to not pray is. That was my point that I didn’t make very well.

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        • Bethany, I agree. Most of us do. Sometimes it is just about giving comfort, to heck with reality. Hey you have had to sit with people who lost someone and NEEDED you to give them a religious or other comfort. I do not want to hurt people, nor do my friends, if it is a matter that simple. It does get worse when the idea goes more afrar than that. Bethany, I would love it if you would expand to the community that I visit. They are an incredible group of people from well known authors of books, to PHD scholars. I can give you their bog links, but if you look at who responds to my post you may find them. From what you wrote I see you have found some of them. Great! They are smarter and have far more insight than I do. Best wishes to you. Bethany I couldn’t have survived all you have gone through, and I am glad you have been so strong. Hugs


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