Really? We have that many white supremacists race / ethnic bigots

I wouldn’t have guessed there was 17 thousand white supremist in the entire country, much less in one state.  We have a bigger racism bigotry problem than I ever thought.   I ask why we put up statues to a group of traitors to this country?   Confederate generals and politicians waged a war against the USA and  lost.  So why do we post statues and memorials to these people?   Why do people brag about supporting the losing traitors?   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Really? We have that many white supremacists race / ethnic bigots

  • Ah, thank goodness I don’t live in Illinois! Wait….Never mind. Back in the early 80’s, when Harold Washington got the Democratic nomination to run for Mayor, racists here went NUTS! Republicans have 0% chance of winning the Mayoral election here, but when Washington got the Democratic nomination, a surefire win in any other election, the Repukes put up a piece of shit racist candidate named Bernie Epton. The guy was 124 years old and as cantankerous as hell. He WAS tRump before tRump. And, just because he was white, he ALMOST won the Mayoral election that year. That means tens of thousands of people who vote only Democrat voted for this one Repuke because he was white and the Dem was black. Those were crazy, racist years with some of the sickest b.s. I’ve ever seen happening in City Hall. So, sometimes, all it takes is the right candidate at the right time to unveil the bigotry and hatred that lie dormant in far too many of our communities. Chicago has grown a bit since then. A minority running for Mayor would not be an issue today. However, as you can see, some of our wards and districts are filled with scum like the ones who voted for this piece of shit yesterday. He was the Repuke candidate, so Repukes voted for him just because of that no matter how awful he is. He won’t win the seat, however. the Democrat will, but, this does go to show you how brazen the bigots in the Repuke Party are. Not only are they racist pigs, they don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore. Way to go tRump. Way to go. I really hope this kind of thing ends soon and bigots crawl back under their slimy rocks to fester and die. And I hope they take every Repuke with them.

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    • You are so correct that they don’t even bother to hide it. Many people tried to claim what the republican congress was doing was politics, not race. Well we know now ( and some of us knew then ) that it was racial bigotry. Mitch Mcconnell especially was not going to let a black man have anything. Nothing. But the racists are in every community in our nation. Now that tRump and crew have brought them out into the open it is time to shut them down. No more tolerating dog whistle shit, call it out for what it is. No code words or looking away. Correct the bigots and tell them they are not wanted. Thanks for the information, it does add to the story. Hugs

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