13 thoughts on “So it happened again! A child dies when parents decided to pray away sickness.

    • I agree. I also think they are criminally responsible for the child’s death. No adult should be given a pass on contacting proper authorities when a child is sick. Every adult should know by now you can’t pray away sickness or illness, nor injury. If you are so stupid to think that after all these years prayer is suddenly going to work just for your child, you are too stupid to have control of children. Oh welcome to the blog, hope you will find things on my Toy Box you enjoy or value. Hugs

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      • In Germany this can’t happen under normal circumstances: A judge would take away responsibility from parent, cause religion has no say about such a case. Parents should be treated with kidslaughter. No parents should have such a power overr their kids. Religion in the USA is sometimes murderous in contrary to civilized States.

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    • Criminal sick assholes. I often wonder if they were as sick as their child if they would still refuse medical help but instead pray. You know they would get help for themselves. You never hear an adult died because the chose prayer over medications. But children don’t get to decided. I am so angry over this , it keeps happening and states want to pass legislation to make it OK. Hugs

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  • Oh no… not again. Please let’s drop the coddling of the religious and put people like this in jail! For murder. Pre meditated even. They damn well knew the child was sick. Treating the sick with nothing (prayer) is NOT helping the illness. Consequence, death. Parents responsible, full stop.

    Morons should not breed with morons…ok?

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    • I agree with everything you said. How many times to people have to be hit with the knowledge that prayer wont save a sick child before they get the idea to take the child to the doctor? If someone was this irresponsible with a automobile their licence would be taken away. Yet it is allowed due to “freedom of religion” and “Parents Rights”. Well I don’t think religion should be free to kill children and parents rights do not come before the right of a child to live. Hugs


  • Stupid religious people. What gets me is that they’ll never know just how stupid and cruel they are and how stupid they are for believing in this fantasy god and the afterlife, because in the end, they’ll just be dead and gone just like everyone else.

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    • A good portion know how cruel and stupid they are, and they use their religion as an excuse to get away with it. They are proud of their actions in the name of their lord, after all their god is created in their image. Yes they will be dead just like all living things when they die. Hugs


  • I was astounded to learn a few years ago that SEVERAL states have codified religious exemptions to child abuse and child neglect laws — meaning that if you’re hauled in and charged in those states, you can just play the Jesus card. “It’s critical to my faith”, you tell them, and then the apologize and drop all charges. This disgusting theocratic tendency has sickened our nation and it’s not getting better.

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    • Yes. Years ago on this blog I mentioned that if those laws had been in place in my childhood my abusers could have gotten away with simply claiming religious beliefs. At no point should the health and life of a child be negotiated down because of a religious practice. It is one reason I have evolved to be an anti-theist. I have to push back on these laws, and the people who want them. In one of the southeastern states the legislature refused to raise the age children can be married at because it would interfere with religious parental rights. WTF! Children as young as 12 are forced to marry their abusers and they don’t want to make it illegal due to god? Be well. Hugs

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