UNSHOCKING: Sociologists Find That Support For Trump Is Largely Driven By White Christian Nationalism

A new study by a team of university sociologists purports to reveal that support for Trump is largely driven by “white Christian nationalism.” The study examines support for statements such as “the federal government should declare the United States as a Christian nation” and includes an accounting of “anti-black prejudice” and views of Muslims and immigrants.



15 thoughts on “UNSHOCKING: Sociologists Find That Support For Trump Is Largely Driven By White Christian Nationalism

  1. We read, that supporters of trump und the gop are mainly christians, so everbody can see clearly, that christians support Racists and Racism betraying their own christianity – those bigots will burn in Hell

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  2. Agree, Scottie. I see it everyday. I suspect this truth is far more and worse than I would have ever believed. I find the hypocrisy disgusting!

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  3. Can’t say I’m surprised there is a straight line link from religion–> privileged, racist whites–> the orange idiot. It is a fairly obvious conclusion here in the south.

    I have a blog because I can’t relate to these people! Send help!

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    1. Welcome Deontetowner. Welcome. Of course you can have a hug. You know I an anti-religion, and some say anti-theist but I do not have an issue with people who have faith if they don’t try to make others live by it, put it into government and laws, and try to make their religion taught in schools. I always say a personal faith is far different than an organized religion. You be well. Hugs

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