8 thoughts on “What did we lose.

  1. …and there you have it. I have never been a hater of any president like I have become of this one. Either I’m getting to be a sour old prick, or tRump really pisses me off.

    Maybe one of those things is a result of the other?

    I keep telling the wife, “just give me 5 minutes with that S.O.B.

    5 minutes and he would be squealing “Yes! I colluded With Russia! Yes! I am a tax cheat! Please take me to jail! Then I’d sell his nuts on EBay.

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    1. I would pay to film it and broadcast it to the deplorables non-stop for a week. Did you see that a right wing polling company claims he has 50% positive ratings? He has been tweeting how he is more popular than Obama. Thing is no other polling company agrees with the numbers. Hugs


      1. Those are the “fake” polls that show less than favorable results…doncha know? 😉

        Gad that moron gets my blood riled up. Every single day I keep asking myself “how can people be so stupid?” tRump for being himself, and the people who support him for being duh…

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