14 thoughts on “Police shootings and race

    • Amanda. Do you watch the news? Do you read anything but propaganda. Compare any black persons interaction with police to a white person’s interaction for the same thing. White people don’t die because of getting stopped for a tail light out. White people can wave guns around and not get shot, a black person with a phone gets mowed down. The majority of blacks killed by police are unarmed and are shot in the back. The news is clear on this. Don’t try to change the point. The point is last Sunday a white member of congress and a black member of congress, good friends, where on the same show. The white guy mentioned he never gets stopped by the capitol police, but the black guy had many times. The difference is race. Hugs


      • Its very ironic for a far left liberal to accuse someone in the center of reading propaganda.

        You really think a blacks reaction vs a whites reaction is a valid way to make policies? Why not statistics or common sense? Or have you thoroughly abandoned those things in your quest to be as much of a cucked liberal as possible?

        Only a libtard cuck would hate their own race so much that it prevents them from rational thought in the ways that you have.

        There is no systemic racisim. If anything, liberal propaganda is pushing racism against whites.


        • Far left liberal? Me ? I describe myself as a progressive but I guess with the political drift over the last 30 years where I am now, which was the middle back then, would be far left. I wear the label with pride. But I do not bother to stay with propaganda, that is fox news and sinclair groups job. I prefer reality without ideology.

          Amanda why are you talking about black reactions making policy. In fact it is the police reactions to race we are talking about, so maybe we should look at that. Do you have black friends. I do. I know that I have white older male privilege they do not. They are viewed with an unwarranted suspicion that I never face from authority. For no reason they face it every day. I live in the real world. I see it. So get your digs in , but then get your head out of right wing talking points and see the way our country really is.

          Are you a white national or white supremacist, because if so get off my blog and don’t come back. I have no patience or tolerance for that bullshit crap. I don’t recall saying anything about hating my race. In fact you don’t know my race. In fact there biologically is not race because all of us have different racial markers in our genetics. We are not white, black , brown, yellow, red, we are mixed. Race is a social concept only and it is dying out except for a few hold ons that will fade away in time. Do we understand each other? I can link you to the scientific evidence of what I wrote if you like.

          If you think there is no white privilege you are white. It is real, it exists. Think of how you react in situations and then how that would be different if you were not white looking. Hugs


          • You are certainly not progressive.

            And of course, cue the white supremacy accusations.

            Typical libtard. People like you are what is wrong with America.


            • Typical? OH dear I am anything but typical. I am an outstanding progressive liberal who reads, watches, and tries to learn. You should try it. Hugs


      • And by “the news” let me guess, you mean CNN, MSNBC, Washington post, huff post, nyt, and tyt?

        Lol, shocker.


        • Amanda, please tell me you do not get your news from Fox? Get this. A study was done on Fox viewers and their knowledge of information. Turns out they were worse informed if they watched Fox than if they did not watch any news at all. Truth. Hugs


          • Fox is as biased as CNN is.

            No shit.

            Do you really think the left and the right are the only political parties ? Or are you trolling


            • Amanda, I am talking know provable fact. Fox has a long well known history of being an opinion driven network. They have a history of clearly distorting, falsifying, making up, denying the truth, and being a propaganda arm of the republican party including now basically state TV. This is the truth.
              Now it is also true that most news sources including journalist, have basic biases. The difference is the way they let those biases affect their reporting.
              We know that before he died Roger Ailes sent memos around constantly telling everyone the line they would take on stories and the way they would present stuff. We have the memos so we know it is a fact.
              I do not know if other news stations are that blatant in the way they cover issues. The networks are more afraid of advertisers than political operatives. I have never heard of MSNBC or TYT or any of the others being a propaganda arm of a political party. CNN has a much clearer and proven record of getting the facts correct than fox. No shit.

              Now what do you mean left and right are the only political parties. Left and right are not parties, they are positions on a spectrum. Republican and Democrat are parties. Those two parties are the only ones that are going to win control of congress and the white house and that won’t change. Third parties have been edged out of the game by the rules made by the major two parties. I don’t like it, but it is the truth. Hugs


              • Both fox and cnn (and others) are biased. Duh.

                It just seems like you lack the ability to reason because you’re so far left its blinding you from reality.

                It’s like you dont realize that some issues its more reasonable to be more conservative on.
                You aren’t obligated to be a far left social justice warrior on everything and people take none of it seriously at that point.


                • Amanda did you read what I wrote. I acknowledged that there are biases but I said they do not rise to the level of deliberate misleading stories and the promotions of falsehoods as fox news broadcasts do. There are shades of grey in the world and things have degrees and levels. You can not seriously compare Fox and CNN and think they are the same.

                  When I look at the issues I do not first find out which party supports it. I do try to look at the issue, understand it, find out if it is reasonable. In most cases the issue I care about are far more on the progressive left of the political spectrum. Which is why this administration is so vile to me. I think we have a right to clean water, public lands, reusable technology, public funded education, universal health care, and so much more. By the actions taken this administration shows not only do they disagree they are corruptly making money off everything they do,. PErsonally using their positions to make money privately for themselves, while at the same time using the public funds paid for by the taxpayer as their personal bank accounts and actually spending money for their own comforts.

                  So you tell me the issues that people don’t take seriously? You tell me the areas you think I am blinded from reality? Because I spend 12 to 15 hours a day on computers learning as best I can the issue currently affecting my country and its people. Hugs


                  • Who really cares about nitpicking who is a more biased network? That has nothing to do with the discussion.
                    As far as the issues you named, it seems like you’re coming from a very democratic pov in that you push victimization and pity and have learned that appealing to blacks and women and immigrants by shitting on white men and immigration policies is an acceptable thing to do. It isn’t


                    • Amanda it is very important to understand the difference and degree of which news sources alter or omit facts. That is how we judge the information provided by them. It has everything to do with the issues we have discussed as the issues have facts that we need to use reason on. IF we do not get the correct information it is really hard to arrive at the reasonable proper stance or position on the issue. That is why what fox is, what fox has done is so very harmful to this country. To misinform people is to keep them from forming a proper conclusion based on facts, not distortions and falsehoods. Look at the problem this administration has caused in one year about trusting the media. That is one of the first things a authorian or dictatorship does is control the press and alter the news. Russia as state TV, Egypt has a state TV, and we do also, it is called Fox News.

                      The victims in the issues I named Amanda are us, all of us. You tell me you do not want clean drinking water for yourself and family? You do not want to know the food you eat is safe? Do you have children, would you like to know the medications you give them are tested and safe? Our government is to work for the people and these and countless other tasks is what it does. Corporations by law don’t worry about you and your family, they make money. The CEO’s have a legal responsibility in this company to make money for the shareholders.

                      Your last comment shows you have not understood a word I have written to you. You say you think I am bias and then you go off saying a right wing talking point. You say I am pushing victimization, yet you were the one attacking the groups that were being victimized. As I defended them against your attack you claim proper information is not needed. Pity? Yes Amanda we do need to have sympathy for those less fourtunate and work to help where we can. That is only human. Know why. Because if it was us, if it was you, you would sure hope someone would have sympathy for your plight and help out. Do you get the point? It could be you. You would want help. SO we will help them. Weird view you have that equality is shitting on white men. I never did that. I used facts about white men, and compared those to the facts to the issues you raised the falsehoods you endorsed. Pesky things facts. Hugs


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