12 thoughts on “tRump world.

  • The bills promoting women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is intelligent.

    The border wall is intelligent.

    The ban on travelling from Muslim countries is intelligent (though it was originally Obama’s idea..)

    Stricter immigration policies is intelligent.

    So there’s a few ways this cartoon is wrong, off the top of my head.


    • Hello Amanda. Your first comment makes no sense and doesn’t have a relationship to the post.

      The wall is an unneeded farce. A money pit that is impractical and unworkable. Get beyond the talking points and look at real reports. Immigration on that border is way down. Far more illegals come across the Canadian / US border but no one wants a wall there. The wall is a boondoggle that even tRump admitted was unimportant except politically.

      The ban on religious groups makes no sense and is constitutionally illegal. We have far more violence and terror caused by white christian men but we are not banning men or christians. It is a fear of a different religion plus a fear of christianity losing its primary position in our country.

      Stricter immigration is only good to protect the white majority privilege. Something that is going to go away anyway. Do you know what happened in Georgia when they banned immigrants? The food producers tanked, losing 140 million plus. Illegal immigrants do the jobs people in this country won’t do. I tried picking corps as a teen. It is back breaking hard hot itchy hateful work. No one wants to do it, and these people do. Be grateful. We have some of the strictest immigration policies in the world and our vetting process takes years.

      So your comment is full of shit and uninformed. Just off the top of my head. Hugs

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  • The post is about Trump not saying anything intelligent, and my comment was about something intelligent that he did, so it in fact does relate to the post.

    Um.. White Christian men are killing people all over the world in the name of Muhammad? No. Perhaps read the Quran and do a little homework before you chime in with Islam apologetics.

    I dont understand how you can have disdain for only Christianity and not Islam ? They are equally bad at the very least, and frankly Islam is worse.

    Stricter immigration protects our country (which is full of blacks, hispanics, asians, and Indians, NOT JUST WHITES) from undocumented people taking our jobs, benefiting from OUR tax dollars, and commiting crimes under the radar.

    Illegal immigrants are NOT WELCOME in America!!! Legal immigrants certainly are welcome. There is a HUGE difference.

    Try sneaking into another country and see what they do to you, guarantee you wont be alive to see the next day.


    • Amanda the words …waiting for him to say.. does that mean anything to you. He has not said a damn thing a third grader couldn’t have said better.

      Get your head out of Muhammad and read. No white christian men are killing in the name of Jesus. Hell three white christian guys are on trial right now for trying to blow up a mosque and an apartment building full of muslims. Read and watch the news please. I know our country hates to admit it but we have christian terrorist. Skinhead groups, christian militias, White racist, the list goes on. Do you have any idea what group is targeting the blacks, the gays, the jews, and on… it is the christians. Oh and I call bullshit on your read the Quran and yet you do not seem to know of the violence and hate in the bible. The bible is just as bad in what is written in it. The difference is that in this country the dominist have not won and we are not a theocracy. If this country ever gets to be a theocracy such as Islamic countries are the rabid christian right would have god christian sharia laws.

      You really don’t understand demographics and the safety net programs in the country. Legal immigrants can not qualify for safety programs, illegal ones in no way can. Now learn the truth. Illegal immigrants pay far a huge amount of taxes they can not get back. The government makes a profit on them, not a loss. Think on it. To work they need a SSN. But they can’t legally get one, so they use one already in use. The government loves that. Their wages get taxed but they can not draw Social Security. IF you want to know what groups are getting all the welfare money it is corporations. By a huge amount compared to the amount going to people. Plus what groups gets more food help? That would be families of American Military members. Another big group needing assistance is walmart workers. Understand. Crimes under the radar are committed against illegal immigrants in far greater numbers than they commit. That is why the sanctuary laws are needed, so illegals will report crimes against them.

      I am glad you have the job of spokesperson for the entire country, but again you are wrong. Again we need them to do the many dirty hard thankless jobs most of us won’t do. They are needed and welcome.

      Your last statement is false and stupid. Look around the world and see the refugees pouring into every country. The world is got some really hellish places right now and if the people want to live they have to run. Run anywhere. They are crossing borders in incredible amounts. We as a country take a small fraction while asking other countries to take in even more. Look we are even going back on our word to take in vetted refugees. Now think of this country at the start. There was population here, thriving and growing and we stole the country and killed them. We invaded. So unless you are a native american your ancestors were immigrants and may not have been legal ones.

      Amanda do you really believe what you write or are you trolling me? Hugs

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      • Waiting for him to say something intelligent implies he hasnt said anything intelligent, which I disagree with which is why I’m here.

        You cant say that because there are christians (idk what white or men have to do with it) being violent that Islam is not violent. There is FAR more Islamic violence happening than Christian violence.
        And at the end of the day, they’re both bad, so why try to make one look better by protesting the other negatively ?

        Anyone who’s read the Bible and who’s read the Quran is well aware of the fucked up doctrines in both, however there is absolutely NO denying that Islam is without doubt more sexist, homophobic, violent, and barbaric.

        Illegal immigration is in no way positive for anyone other than the illegal migrant.

        How anyone can advocate FOR illegal immigration is so beyond me. Its just mental.

        We DO NOT need illegal immigrants for a single thing. Sure we can use legal immigrants and they’re certainly welcome, though our country is populated enough.

        But you need to learn the difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. I simply cant wrap my mind around sane adults who are pro-illegal immigration. Its one of the most autistic things I’ve ever heard of.

        We have NO moral obligation to accept refugees illegally and its about time we as a nation stop sticking out our necks for others who dont respect our laws at the downfall of our citizens who deserve more respect and protection than that.

        A grown man who is feminist, race-baitng, anti-gun rights, pro-illegals, trump-hating-circle-jerking, left wing liberal is the trolliest troll I have ever come across.
        I’d rather a half-brained sister-fucking hillbilly represent my country than someone like you.


        • First comment not worth answering except to say compare the intelligence of other presidents especially PRes. Obama to this moron and you see the point. Fact is he sucked as a business person. He would have had far more money if he took the millions given to him by his dad and put it in the bank than he has by trying to make money.

          I never said Islam was not violent. I said Christianity is also as violent and its members commit far more crimes. Read dear. Nice twist of my words though.
          Second the amount of violence committed by members of both groups in the USA is well known. Christian violence is far greater and there are far more of them. The fact is you are far more likely in the USA of being harmed by a white christian male than a Muslim following Islam. That is a fact.

          On immigration you are wrong. Look it up. I won’t argue with your feelings anymore. Try facts, it may change your view.

          Oh and you need to read the bible again. The bible if far more restrictive in what is written deal with women’s rights than the Quran. Yes in Islamic theocracy countries some treat women horribly. They get away with it. But it is not based on the Quran. But in the bible a woman is not to be in authority over a man, is to be silent in church. Has no say in property, money, sexual relations, and marriage. They are not equal male and female.

          Last thing on immigration. You say you can not understand why someone would argue for illegal immigrants. Because I read the studies, see the data, and don’t just listen to fox news and bigots who are sure that they are superior to any others. Look up the result I told you about in Georgia when the republicans tried to get rid of all the illegal crop pickers. They couldn’t get the crops off the ground. Farmers couldn’t pay enough to legal workers. No one wants to do the job. Over 140 million in crop loses and that was no including the increase in food prices.

          We do have a moral obligation to anyone in need. Morals have evolved by what was good for us as a group, as a community , as a society and as a species. We base our morals on what is beneficial to the human species well being. So to prevent the suffering and harm to others is a moral obligation. And decent people understand that. We again get more from immigrants than we ever lose, legal and illegal. Think of it. These people come here to make a better life because they admire ours. They don’t want to tear the country down, they want to enjoy the same as we do.

          And I feel the same about you Amanda. Oh well, thankfully the mindset of your policies and ideas are dying out and being replaced by more enlightened ones. Hugs

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  • tRump is an ass clown and a freaking idiot. If he ever said anything intelligent it was a fucking accident.

    Talk about fake news, this person has a pretty tight filter bubble, to the point of having filtered out reality.

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      • Scottie, if you got emotional I must have missed it lol. When I get emotional people NOTICE!

        You did a more than fair job of maintaining civility, when none at all was due. I tip my hat to you sir. I could not have done as well in that department, and I know it.

        The thing about having a total fucking moron in the WH, is a LOT of total fucking morons had to vote for him. That is me being civil 😉

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        • Thank you. I do try. The reason is I don’t make good arguments, I do not reason as well, and sure can’t type when emotion takes over. Hugs


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