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    • Hello Amanda. Your point please?

      4,200 religions
      According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with “faith” or “belief system”, but religion differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect.
      List of religions and spiritual traditions – Wikipedia

      Does this help you ? Hugs


      • Title says refers to “the religious” but all the pictures refer to Christianity.

        Point being that the title applies to all religion equally, particularly Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, & Judaism). Not just Christianity.


        • Awe, Amanda you missed all the other posted Memes dealing with religions I have done. I cover stupidity wherever I find it. It just so happens the page I got these from happened to be be low on other religions. However I know a blog that posts the Mo & Jesus cartoon if you like. You will have to be patient as they are only once a week and the rest of the posts are from a retired university biology professor. Good blog for learning stuff thought.
          Now to your bitch about the title. I do not see the word Christian anywhere. When talking with the religious… is a reference to the first Meme, which if you would try to read doesn’t mention which religion. It means all of the religious people. Did I spell it out enough for ya. Hugs


          • It was more if a question than bitch but would you say you condemn Christianity and Islam equally then?


            • Amanda it was not phrased as a question, it was phrased as a complaint. One that I felt was not deserved if you had read the first meme. How new are you to my blog? I am an atheist, and have posted anti-theist stuff for years. As to your question, in the US and the state I live in, christianity is far more prevalent and feels entitled to far more privilege than Islam does. So I find far more relevant stuff to point out the stupidity of the christian faith than the Muslim one. Here is something you should read. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2018/04/06/the-reactions-to-gwus-christian-privilege-seminar-show-why-it-was-necessary/
              Now think on the following, which I have posted on several times, I am in far greater danger from fundamental christians in my country and state than I am from muslims. That is a fact. Far more assaults, threats, attacks, being fired, denied housing, and so much more are directed at gay people from christians in this country than from muslims. The reason is christian groups think they have a right to discriminate and a right to persecute those they do not agree with. Islam never had that right in this country so they do try to get away with it.

              This answer your question? Hugs


            • Fair point, Amanda.

              However, it would also be fair to say that most of us ”Westerners” – yourself included, probably – were brought up in or around Christianity which initially played a foundational role in our upbringing.
              Therefore, most people who bang on Christianity in the blogosphere do so because they are familiar with its teaching and doctrine and many people are deconverts from Christianity, so naturally they will go after those who still ”preach” this nonsense.
              Personally, I wouldn’t know where to start with much of Islam, though I do have a Qu’ran and have read bits and pieces.
              Also, the average visitor to Scottie’s blog will be familiar with the arguments and can therefore relate. And if one is not that familiar with Islam there are only so many pedophile/Mohammed and suicide bomber jokes you can spin, I guess.

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              • First of all, as I have said numerous times in many ways, I find all religions equally bad. I just dont know how to make that any clearer.

                And for you to make personal attacks accusing me of being privileged not only does nothing to help your argument but it makes you look extremely petty.

                Second of all, I am NOT nor have I ever been “anti immigration”.

                I am anti-ILLEGAL immigration. You clearly dont understand the huge difference between legal and illegal immigration, which I highly suggest you figure out before you start making retarded accusations.

                I am not just talking about this country though.

                In Sharia land they’re botching up little girl’s vaginas, marrying children, killing homosexuals, forcing women to wear hijabs, denying rights to women, ALL justified by and commanded in the Quran.

                Have some worldly awareness and culture before you make accusations and claims about these things. Christian priviledge? Up yours for saying that.

                Women are LUCKY to have been born in the United States and not in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, or any other fucked up Sharia country that enforces the Quran in their laws and legal system.


                • Hello Amanda. Welcome back. I want to take each thing you said and respond to them as you wrote them.

                  The fact is if you live in the US you are predisposed to christian privilege. Because of the position the christian religion has had over the years most people don’t even realize how pervasive it is in our society. All the presidents have been christian, and where Kennedy had to swear he would not go by his religion when president, today every candidate is asked about their religious views and how they would govern with their religion. That is against the constitution but it is done. In this country if a christian is denied the right to persecute someone not of their faith they claim they are the victim and their religious rights are being taken away. To heck with others rights, the christian right to enforce their religious views, scream about their religion , and demand their religion be recognized everywhere is paramount, or again they are the real victims in their minds. The war on christmas is another silly example. Look at all the legal christian holidays. look at all the politicians pushing prayer in schools, posting the ten commandments in school / public places, and posting in god we trust / god enriches in schools. Now think of the uproar and out rage if another religion tried any of that. IF they wanted prayers to Allah or Krishna. Think how many times towns are sued because only christian prayers are allowed by the selectmen or town leaders. Each time they lose, but they keep trying to let only christian religions be represented. That is christian privilege. And as a member of the USA you have grown up with it, seen it so much it doesn’t even register on you. It just seems normal, until you think on it, and substitute a different religion, name of god, or compare the actions to what they laws are.

                  Amanda do I need to remind you of our prior whole day conversation on immigration? You were very clear on your feelings, in fact adamant about it. The fact that the data and study results were saying the opposite of what you were wanting did not seem to make a difference to you. You are or at least wrote as you are, totally anti-immigrant. I know a lot about immigration in this country, I was adopted by legal immigrants. I was born in this country and know my sire was a citizen but I was raised in a family of people from another country. Go back and read all the conversation we had on it. You were clear. By the way, I looked it up, the last two years we are having a negative immigration with Mexico. The wall would keep illegals in.

                  Do you know what “sharia” means? Religious law. That is all. Laws based on a religious text. We have christians trying so very hard to do that here. In fact there is a large fundamental dominionist activism. Dominionism is defined as the tendency of politically active conservative Christians to try to control government.

                  As for child marriage do you know that many states let children as young as 12 marry. IN fact some states have no age limit if the girl is pregnant. Did you not follow the recent scandal in Tennessee where a bill to outlaw child marriages was defeated by churches? Think on this, there are states where an adult man can molest and rape a little girl and then escape punishment by marrying her. It happens a lot , google it. The parents try to force these little girls to marry. Sadly we do have genital mutilation in this country even though it is illegal. However that is not just an Islamic thing in case you are wondering. Mostly but not all.
                  Do not even get me started on christians killing gays Amanda. I told you if you read my answers to you that gay people in this country are far more threatened by christians than any other religion. Ever hear of Matthew Shepard? Beaten, tortured, and hung on a fence to die by two men who claimed to be christians.
                  Women’s rights have progressed some, but ever hear of the christian quiverfull movement. There are many christian groups in this country that force women to dress in certain ways, force women to live in certain ways. Think mormons, amish, jehovah witnesses, heck just about any fundamentalist christian group. All justified by the bible. The bible is as harmful to women as the quran. We went over this in our other conversation, did you forget? The quran actually doesn’t require women to be denied any rights that the bible doesn’t also require. But you said earlier that you were against all religions, so why pick out just the Islamic one?

                  Amanda get real. I have traveled the world, have you? I am far more up on these subjects than you seem to be. Again you seem to be relying on your up bring in this country and what falsehoods you may have heard on conservative media.

                  Again I have shown christian privilege is true, so right back at you and up yours for not understand what clearly exists dear.

                  Women in the European countries have far more rights, more income, more support, and better futures than they do in the US. Same with the Scandinavian countries. You really think the US is the best and most enlightened, the one that gives their people the most rights? Your wrong and uneducated if you think that. And again why just attack muslim countries unless you have a real problem with them. What about hindu countries? Poor countries? You need to admit you are a bigot against Islam and muslims. It really does come through loud and clear.

                  Hey have a great day. After you read what I wrote you can google the issues for more information. Try more than the hard right websites. Be well. Hugs


              • Yes but I think she comes from a place of christian privilege and so sees far more fault in all the others, especially as she has been anti immigration, Islam. I have had quite a running talk with her the other day. So I had to explain to her how christians feel they have more of a right to enforce their view in this country than muslims and how that affected me personally. Hugs


        • I disagree with the idea that all of the pictures in this post refer to something specific to Christianity. The first one is very generalized, the fourth could apply to any form of monotheism, the fifth’s examples could be political conservatives of any religion,and the last is about the creation myth that Judaism and Christianity share.

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          • Thanks D.T. I think Amanda comes from a place in the USA where she is part of a white christian privilege. From prior conversations with her she seems to see everything from the view of “my people / religion is normal and the others are weird and wrong”. She seems to share the idea that is fostered that all muslims are bad because Islam is so evil. Anyway, once I understood what she was trying to get to I tried to answer her. Hugs


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