10 thoughts on “The way it is in tRump’s USA. Horrible

    • You know I feel bad the rest of the world has to suffer because we have idiots here in the US that chose to vote for him. The world shouldn’t suffer for our stupidity. Hugs


        • I was thinking of the syrian crisis. tRump and Russia state news arguing in the media over whos missiles are going to do more damage, Russia state TV telling people how to stock their bunkers for the upcoming war with the USA. The global economic upheaval caused the tariff wars the US is starting. I am glad it has not impacted your country yet, but the US is like a restless large beast in a bed, when it tosses around it disturbs everyone else on the same bed. Hugs


          • Serious? Wow! Well , I never read or watch news so that is ”news”(sic) to me. Scottie
            I don’t know if it has impacted us to be honest. None of my crew have mentioned anything.
            Business for us is ticking along. No upheavals come to mind. Clients haven’t said anything as far as I am aware.
            Although the government did recently raise VAT (value added tax from 14 to 15%.
            My BIL is a long haul driver in Europe and we speak daily. He has not mentioned anything other than problems with traffic in Paris and parts of Italy.
            He was on a highway approaching Lyon this morning, and it was raining.
            So, personally, all seems much of a muchness.
            Bit chilly and foggy today, though. Rained last night and there was a problem with a local reservoir that resulted in 12 hours without municipal water. We are fortunate as we have a borehole at our spot.
            You can see we live such an exciting, dramatic life at The Ark’s spot!
            Phew … feet never touch the ground with all the drama!
            Time for lunch. Cheese,tomato and lettuce sandwichs and a nice coffee I think.

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                • Oh I agree. As I said it is a great reminder that the US is not the center of the universe / world and not everything revolves around us. If you listen to our news you get the idea that we are the only country that counts in the world. That is our ego problem talking and we need to realize it sometimes. Hugs

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