QUEBEC: Mosque Terrorist Loved Trump, Wore MAGA Hat, Followed Breitbart, InfoWars, Coulter, Ben Shapiro

This is seriously important.   Words have consequences.

How many times have I been saying that it is just not Muslims that commit acts of terror?   How many times have I said that white guys doing those acts do not get the label.  Please wake up people.  Fascism is here in the USA and it is getting stronger.  Now we are exporting our harmful ideas , instead of exporting the great hope for a better future we use to do.  

Please read the article as it as more information than I am including.   Here is the link again:

The Montreal Gazette reports:

Evidence from Alexandre Bissonnette’s computer presented in court Monday indicates the Quebec mosque shooter was obsessed with U.S. President Donald Trump, Muslims, Dylann Roof, mass shootings and feminists.

In the month before the shooting, Bissonnette was checking Trump’s Twitter feed every day and reading news about Trump on a daily basis, according to evidence presented at his sentencing hearing in Quebec City.



7 thoughts on “QUEBEC: Mosque Terrorist Loved Trump, Wore MAGA Hat, Followed Breitbart, InfoWars, Coulter, Ben Shapiro

  1. davidprosser April 16, 2018 / 17:04

    So the Trump sickness is spreading. Ever since he invited them out and about and described them as nice people it’s getting worse.

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  2. acflory April 16, 2018 / 19:32

    Damn. How’d I miss this? Thanks Scottie. I didn’t know about this at all. Now though, I wonder if Alexandre Bissonnette wasn’t ‘accidentally’ radicalised on-line. Until I read this:
    I couldn’t see the mechanism by which people can be manipulated online. Now I see that it’s a kind of feedback loop that becomes increasingly more negative/violent – because the algorithm thinks that’s what we ‘like’. If this is what happens by ‘accident’ then I shudder to think what can happen when there’s deliberate intent behind the process. 😦

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    • Scottie April 16, 2018 / 19:44

      Wow… I had heard of things like this but that is overwhelming. I never understood it was that bad. Hugs


      • acflory April 16, 2018 / 22:27

        Yeah. In all the stuff you read there are these general terms, like manipulation. I use them myself but it niggled that I couldn’t /see/ how it happened. That’s why the Rantt article blew me away.
        Historically, ‘orators’ have been abled to sway huge numbers of people, but with social media, persuasion has been taken to a whole new level.
        I’m not exaggerating when I say it scares me. Yesterday I bought a pre-paid card for buying stuff online. Once it’s up and running I’ll cancel my existing card and request a new one. Why? Coz then no one will know my credit card details except the bank.
        Btw I’ve got a spare tin hat if anyone wants one. :/

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  3. Amanda April 17, 2018 / 12:08

    The guy who shot up Pulse night club and killed several people was a gay Muslim.


    • Scottie April 17, 2018 / 12:17

      Amanda, hello and how are ya. I admit I am surprised to see you again after you failed to respond to my direct reply to you what white privilege was. Did you read them? Do you get the point now?

      Amanda you should know better than comne here with false information. The FBI ( you know them, the big important investigative force in the USA ) PROVED that there was no evidence that Omar Mateen was gay. In fact all the evidence says he was straight. He did not know that the Pulse was a gay night club at all. He only searched for night club and that was the closest. He was a muslim, but a rather bad one, not really faithful. He was born in the USA and he was NOT affiliated with any terrorist group. Those are facts easy to look.

      Now what the hell does that have to do with my post? Hugs


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