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April 30, 2018

Learn how the system works before you criticize it

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I am getting so tired of hearing tRump and the republicans on Fox that defend him say that democrats want all the immigrants from the southern border , both legal and illegal , because they will vote for the democrats.   They can NOT vote!  Especially if they are illegal.  You have to be a citizen or a naturalized citizen.   So stop this bullshit please.  Learn the system of government and voting of the country before you start spouting off with nonsense.  How do people listen to tRump and fox spout this crap and believe it.  If the President doesn’t even know the requirements for voting, how can he be considered able to lead the nation?   Hugs


  1. Trump is the 60% president. There are Data collected throughout the USA. And Fazzebook and Google lay filters over the collected Data. And whenever a Data-Collection in question reaches +60 % , trump will make it his own opinion and /or politics.
    Because 60 percent of the Gaussian distribution is the vast Majority of the voters. The lower part is the ‘not-intelligent-enough’ and the part above the 60 % is the elite/leaders, including the leading politicians.
    This system brings Trump to know, what the silent majority of the voters think, what ever the question may be.
    So, for instance, he can lie about Iran, and be sure, his voters will clap their hands, although, according to IAEA he talks a blunt lie.
    That is kind of “anticipating the truth, wanted by his voters.”.

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    Comment by miles — May 1, 2018 @ 14:32

    • Hello Miles think you may have over thought this on tRump’s part. He has a core group of sad sack rather uneducated supporters who vote identity politics. Their identity is against others not like them, not white, not christian, people who are afraid of the changes and the rights given to other people, races, ethnic groups. Studies have shown it was not economics these people voted on, it was that tRump said the outrageous things they wanted to say but did not dare to, and he got away with it. They want to be as crude and regressive as he is and they don’t want to have to face the consequence for doing so. To say they are uneducated bigots and white nationals, who want males to remain in charge while women are subservient to the males is the truth. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 1, 2018 @ 14:43

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