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May 27, 2018

Unfulfilling Prophecy

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  1. I do love me some Aron Ra. 🙂

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    Comment by Ben — May 27, 2018 @ 19:29

    • He was one of the first atheist I heard and I have been a fan from then on. He has a way of explaining things I can follow and remember. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 27, 2018 @ 19:32

      • I had never heard of him until I read one of your other posts. He is very intelligent and explains things simply yet thouroughly. As a Christian, I would have condemned him and called his “facts” into question. Now that I’m no longer a Christian, I can see his “facts” are just facts. No condescending quotation marks needed. This man knows his stuff.

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        Comment by Ben — May 27, 2018 @ 19:35

        • Yes, but I have trouble remembering all he says. He seems to have one of the greatest memories I have ever seen in a person who gives talks. He can spit out facts and correlations with ease, and I can only remember a fifth of them. But yes I learned a lot from him. See I did not have much of a chance to have an education. I value every chance I can get to learn. That is why I do not understand and even get upset about some religions that discourage learning and the people who agree with that view. I was denied to have books at home, even school books for a long time in my youth, so I can not understand why some people do that to themselves. I want to learn as much true stuff as possible, and to be spared as much false crap as possible in my life.

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          Comment by Scottie — May 27, 2018 @ 19:42

  2. Sorry to hear about your lack of books in your youth. Glad to see you making up for lost time. Education is so important for all of us. I’m so happy my son is in school now and we’re not homeschooling him any longer. That’s why I wrote two posts about regret. Not to get likes or comments but because I’m sincerely regretful about our decisions. We did it because it’s what seemed right at the time. I wanted to share my experiences with people to open eyes and maybe discourage some people from going the same route we went.

    I’m certainly learning so much after deconverting from religion. Religion tends to discourage any learning outside of their agenda-driven teaching. I can see why they don’t want people learning anything but their stuff…. because outside the church is where all the truth is.

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    Comment by Ben — May 27, 2018 @ 20:02

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