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June 16, 2018

Are we a fascist state?

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ICE Tells Bus Riders They Must Be US Citizens To Board

A bus driver for Concord Coach Lines was filmed falsely telling passengers lined up to board that they must be U.S. citizens to ride the bus. The ACLU of New Hampshire posted this video to Facebook of the driver in Concord, Maine, along with federal ICE agents intimidating passengers.

In the video, passengers wisely refuse to answer the ICE agent’s questions about their citizenship, and question and mock the driver’s claim. “I doubt that,” passengers can be heard telling the driver who very confidently insisted only American citizens were allowed to ride the bus. ICE agents in the video are seen asking passengers if they are U.S. citizens.


  1. WTF? I’ve ridden on buses in Japan and Ukraine and I wasn’t a citizen of either of those countries, nor did anyone there mention such a thing. Never mind who thinks up such tactics, who do they think is going to fall for them?

    Are we a fascist state? Well, no. These things take time. Trump has been in power a year and a half. We may be comparably bad to how Germany was a year and a half after Hitler came to power. I’m not sure how the timeline of fascist consolidation worked there, but I know it was step-by-step, not all at once.

    We still have people like the ACLU pushing back, vitally so. That’s the difference.

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    Comment by Infidel753 — June 16, 2018 @ 19:16

    • I agree, but we are moving toward a fascist state fast. The reason they do it is to instal fear. To make it seem normal to “show your papers”. Here in Florida where I live police and ICE often board busses and demand to search your bags and belongings. You can refuse but most don’t know that. They stop the bus and the pressure is to just let them. Also they can demand identification. Not citizenship specifically, but most ID states that in some manner or other. If you show a drivers licence you are more likely to be a citizen. So they get around the requirements and laws. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — June 16, 2018 @ 19:26

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