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June 16, 2018

Waiting Jesus style

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(cartoon by David Horsey)



  1. The Bible is full of so much random stuff that people who claim to follow it are inevitably selective. It’s just as likely that Jesus would come back and be saddened that we’re not still stoning people to death for picking up pieces of wood on the Sabbath. That rule is plainly cited in the Old Testament and Jesus made it clear that every last detail of the Old Testament law remains in force until the end of the Earth (Matthew 5:17-19).

    I’m full of admiration for Middle Eastern atheists, especially those who speak out. There are millions, but most of them understandably keep quiet.

    “Meatfighter” has a rather kinky imagination, but apparently so does God. And sorry, but I can’t “repent”. I never even pented the first time.

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    Comment by Infidel753 — June 16, 2018 @ 09:31

    • Love it. Yes you are correct on the loving Jesus myth. People like to forget that Jesus was a jewish, an observant jewish person, who lived as a jewish person, and died as a jewish person. He sought only to promote and change the jewish religion he believed in, not to create his own. It was Paul who created christianity. As to how Mary got pregnant, maybe I am too much of the #metoo movement but to me the story reads that god basically raped a maybe barely teen girl and got her pregnant. I know the word in the bible they thought meant virgin was mistranslated. It really mean young girl. I also know you have to be careful judging the past by the present moral understandings when it comes to age of consent. However I think a 12 year old can not give an all knowing all powerful deity permission to impregnate her. That is my view. So to me the people promoting this are promoting the rape of a child. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — June 16, 2018 @ 09:49

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