Not even a piece of paper…

5 thoughts on “Not even a piece of paper…

  • Gods, this just goes from terrible to unbearable. As a mother, I cannot imagine how the refugees can live with this pain. And the kids…this is Nazi Germany all over again.

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    • YES! I agree. Now I find out the news is saying that the government won’t try to reunite the children separated, they don’t know whose children are whose. Yes we ( damn my country for this ) we took children away from their parents and didn’t even bother to keep track of who and where. A federal Judge lost it as I posted. She said something like ” if they take your wallet they give you a receipt but they take your child and you get nothing”. she was very angry as are the rest of us. Some of the parents have been already deported while the children are stuck in military confines.

      Meeka it is worse than I can say. All the studies so far say this whole thing is bigotry. Historians say it is the 1930’s all over again. I am very worried.

      I cry for the children, I cry for what I thought was my country, and I can not understand why some of the people in my country agree with this. They are not what I understood my country to stand for.

      I am starting to fear for the future of my country. Hugs

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