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June 26, 2018

Why Are Refugees Fleeing Central America to Seek Asylum In The USA?

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Thank you for this informative post. More people need to see the reality of the situation, instead of the fear mongering by republican talking points and Fox News. This should not be a political issue, it is a humanitarian issue, and we are failing the test. Ask yourself if it was you trying to save the life of your child, what would you do? What border would you try to cross to save your child ? Hugs

Gronda Morin

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It is important to know that most refugees seeking asylum at the US Southwestern border are mostly from three countries in Central America, steeped in violence which include, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

There are more Mexicans returning to Mexico than are crossing over to the US. The vast majority of these families coming from Central American countries are not criminals, MS-13 gang members, rapists and murderers.

There is a criminal background check of those attempting to gain entry into the USA, and of course, those peoples with a criminal record need to be denied entry.

But as per international law, it is legal for refugees to request asylum in the USA, when they are in fear for their lives if they are forced to return back to their countries of origin. They are not invading, infesting the USA as per the words of President Trump.

President Trump has ordered…

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  1. A must read for anyone with a heart. So much excellent information

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    Comment by maryplumbago — June 26, 2018 @ 09:23

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