16 thoughts on “It is hard for me to be civil and remain upbeat these days. Hypocrisy is not a bug to a republican, it is the feature. Republicans believe in winning at any cost, so now must the dems.

  • I love these types of cartoons, but somehow humor begins to fade when the terrible realty of trumps world begins to really set in. This is going to become very serious and the Dems seem weak to me…just don’t feel they have our backs and certainly no republicans do. By “our backs”, I mean all decent people in the US, not trumpuppets.

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    • I think the reason for editorial cartoons is to make people think, not humor. I agree with you about the Dems. The leaders of the Democrats want centralist and the people want progressives. That is why the Democrats as a party are weak, they won’t push for what the people want. This is a liberal nation yet the democrats let the republicans lie, cheat , and yes steal elections. They never draw a line and say that is enough. Hugs

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      • I just read an article (newspaper? internet?) that castigated the Democrats for being so wishy-washy … and implored them to get their act together! Maybe if enough news media keep this idea going, we’ll finally get someone to step forward that has some balls and will motivate the party. Otherwise, we’re doomed.

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  • Great cartoons. At least, they are still legal. Now the main question is: “Why is the Tramp still in office?”.
    He gets away with everything and no-one is actually doing anything…

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    • Two reasons. He has basically a cult following of about 32% to 38% of the population. That base is rabid. They have proven they will go after anyone not favorable enough to tRump. Several congress people have lost their elections because they spoke against tRump and the base supports the more tRumpian candidates in the primaries. So republicans in congress are afraid to check tRump because they will lose their position the next time they go up for election. As republicans are in the majority of congress and they won’t stand up to tRump he is basically above the law. The only way he could be held accountable is if the democrats win control of both houses. Bill Maher said on his show that he thinks tRump won’t leave until he wants to as he doesn’t respect the law and here is not legal way to force him to follow the laws without congress. It is clear tRump wants to be dictator for life, and he is getting his way. You are watching the destruction of our democracy and our country. Hugs

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      • You paint a VERY dismal picture, Scottie. Unfortunately, it’s also an accurate one. At my age (which will remain undisclosed), I can only hope I won’t be around to see the destruction that seems inevitable.

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        • I understand. I am split between wanting to just make it all go away and fight back as hard as I can. I guess I will fight as I don’t know what else to do. Be well . Hugs


    • Yes, but sadly it is true. Yes the government of the U.S. put children in dog cages. We have the pictures. Not just large fenced in areas, in real dog cages. It makes my old blood boil, but I am helpless to help the children other than with my blog and voice. This administration in charge of my country is really , really racist. They do not see any other group except white U.S. citizens as people. Yes they are that racist. When and where did this happen before? Now they are targeting naturalized citizens who are not white. They just took into detention a 61 year old man who was a naturalized citizen. His crime , 20 years ago he got a misdemeanor. They are not even trying to hide it now, they are trying to purge the country’s only the whites ( that they feel are the true people ) are left.

      I am heart sick. I see us as Germany in the 1930’s. History will not look kindly on the U.S. When will my fellows see what is happening, when will the religious leaders stand and say stop? Yet the religious leaders are the biggest backers to tRump. Hugs


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