7 thoughts on “tRump’s America. These racist are now embolden. We must not let these racists be the face of our country

    • I was upset. At the racist man and the park ranger who ignored a person’s call for help. However I find a lot of people do not know that Puerto Rico is part of our country, they are citizens, nor how badly we are failing on assistance to our fellow country people after the hurricane. She tried to educate the man, but he was not going to listen to a hispanic. Hugs

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      • I don’t blame you for feeling upset. That’s true, but I’m not surprised how most people in America don’t realize that Puerto Ricans count as US citizens because of that country’s commonwealth status. That’s shameful about that officer.

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    • Thank you Nan. This was far more important than most of my silly videos. This is the country we have become. We have to prevent the spread of this behavior. Hugs


    • I agree. I think someone should have let him know forcefully that it is not acceptable. Sadly no one did. I watched a news segment that said a bystander came to the woman’s aid and another person demanded the ranger take action. I hear the park ranger has been placed on desk duty. He should be fired. Hugs

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