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August 1, 2018

They still want to attack Hillary and Obama with false, fake , not true outrageous shit, and then they demand we be civil. NO

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I am tired but there are people who believe this crap, just remember the guy who went with a gun and shot in the pizza place reported by this guy as having a child sex room in the basement.  The place had NO basement.  To me this is the same as inciting and also the same as yelling fire in a theater.  This should require responsibility for what they say and preach.  Please watch the short vid, it says it in his own words.

“I learned this with Pizzagate and stuff. You’ve got admissions and thousands of emails about the kids will be delivered into the hot tub for your pleasure and then it’s the FBI code words for sex with kids off their own homeland security manual and they’re talking about $65,000 of succulent hot dogs. ‘Oh God, these are good. I had these hot dogs in Hawaii and they were delivered by jet.’ It’s male prostitutes.

“And look, Obama’s having sex with 10 dudes a day, whatever. The point is is that that’s what’s going on on your taxpayer time. He’s not watching SportsCenter three hours a day up there, OK? OK? And the report is he’s got — I’m not going to get into it on a family show — but let’s just say Amtrak isn’t just a train.



  1. The laws on free speech are too broad when vipers like Alex Jones are allowed to create lies and spread them as the truth.. Hate speech should not be allowed, and people should have to substantiate what they say with evidence, and that includes newspapers, magazines and TV programmes that publish such crap using the excuse that they ‘heard’ people say it was true. The libel that this man created should have ex Prez Obama take him to court and ruin him.

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    Comment by davidprosser — August 1, 2018 @ 23:32

    • When I think of all the slander and lies Fox News ranted on daily against Pres. Obama it really does make me angry. The thing is the republicans do this hate speech “bomb” throwing yet when they are in the minority they insist everyone be nice and not do to them what they did first. I hate it. Sadly we have no laws requiring people to have evidence of what they say. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — August 2, 2018 @ 06:37

  2. On Quora tonight I came across a swarm of Trump froth demanding answers from left wing simpletons to justify Obama spending $600 million taxpayer dollars on family vacations. Before a what the fuck are you talking about crossed my lips, rabid nincompoop blithered – mighty tRump holds U.S. taxpayers so dear he responsibly chooses to vacation at Mar a Lago. Raucous, uncontrollable laughter sidelined attempts to respond with anything other than – have a nice day and don’t forget to suckle Fox Kool-Aid at every meal.Yikes! (FYI – it’s pride weekend in Vancouver, you’re welcome anytime 🙂 )

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    Comment by Notes To Ponder — August 2, 2018 @ 02:58

    • Thank you. Yes they attacked Obama for every little thing, and yet support tRump doing far worse. I loved the daily show interview with a tRump supporter who claimed 9/11 happened because Obama was not in the white house working but instead was on vacation. The tRump supporter was demanding an investigation on why Obama as president had not stopped the 9/11 attack. The idiot couldn’t seem to understand Obama was not president then, Bush was.

      Fox screamed at every vacation Obama took and every time he golfed. Yet tRump has golfed more in a year than Obama did in 8 years. tRump has taken more vacation / personal time costing more in a year than the entire Obama presidency. Yet you can not talk to these people. Have a pride weekend. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — August 2, 2018 @ 06:52

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