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August 2, 2018

Fight Sexual Urges

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Sometimes you encounter things that simply boggle the mind. I ask my self a lot “why people make a problem out of something that is no problem”? I love the post. Thanks. Hugs


I couldn’t make this up if I tried. The following is actual copy for Anti-Masturbation Gum or Cream if you prefer to cheat a little….

“Do you struggle with uncontrollable urges? Do you risk death when driving by being unable to keep your hands where they belong? Your days of uncontrollable touching, stroking, rubbing or whatever term you like are over. Say goodbye to calloused and rug burned skin with the careful use of any of these anti masturbation products.

Anti-masturbation gum is preferred by many due to its ability to be used at any time no matter where you are. It has a quick response time so if you’re suddenly plagued by those old standby feelings you can put an immediate stop to them. Your days of embarrassing agony are gone forever as long as you keep a fresh pack of anti-masturbation gum in your pocket at all times.

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  1. It’s weird. It’s hard to imagine any activity more harmless than masturbation, yet the Abrahamic religions make a huge fuss about it.

    As to the peculiar reference to masturbating while driving, I guess somebody heard the term “auto-eroticism” and misunderstood.

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    Comment by Infidel753 — August 2, 2018 @ 19:23

    • When I worked at the Nuclear plant in Vermont, one of the co-workers offered to sell a “auto jack” to the one of the higher ups. The supervisor did not understand what the meant. The guy selling the device had been told by his wife to sell it as he had run into the bridge abutments three times already, Needless to say there was a lot of turmoil when the supervisor found out what he as getting. Nearly caused several people to discharge their guns. 😀 Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — August 2, 2018 @ 20:57

    • @ Infidel753
      That is a grand observation. Why do the Abrahamic religions care so much about that. Why would any person care about the sexual satisfaction of consensual adults? Why would the local priests involve themselves in to the masturbation of others??? Seems like an unnecessary complication to the message. After all I don’t remember a bible passage where good old Jesus said not jerk off. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — August 2, 2018 @ 21:03

  2. A. M. G! Antimasturbationgum is a trademark of phallic international. Must be 18 to purchase with a valid note from your preacher. see rules if needed. Masturbating with toothpaste is a bad idea.

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    Comment by jim- — August 2, 2018 @ 20:05

    • I love it. What a grand take on the sexual fear Christians have. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — August 2, 2018 @ 21:15

  3. It beggars belief. I think with masturbation the problem is the joy isn’t controlled by the church. The easy way to do this is to make you guilty about doing it or make it a sin.

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    Comment by davidprosser — August 3, 2018 @ 01:02

    • Anything the church can not control is a horrible sin sounds about right. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — August 3, 2018 @ 08:31

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