4 thoughts on “23 Anti-Gay Republicans Caught Being GAY

  • I remember reading about some of these cases as they happened — “Senator Wide Stance” will never be forgotten! But there’s a real element of tragedy to such stories. If these guys had been born into a society not warped by homophobic religion, they could have gone on to have normal lives following their real inclinations. As it was, they were taught to hate part of themselves, and spent their careers fighting against the rights of self-aware gay people as a sort of proxy for fighting against what they were ashamed of within themselves. What a miserable situation. One can only hope that as society becomes more accepting, fewer people will end up like that.

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    • Yes, you have are so correct. I think of the log cabin republicans and I wonder how they can hate themselves so much as to vote for people that openly hate them. It is like an abused slave fighting for slavery to continue. I know how much hate I had to wade through growing up, and I am still hurt and angry at it all. Hugs


    • For tRump he is driven by base emotions, his love of money and his fawning over a strong man are what make Putin so wonderful for him. tRump doesn’t think, he simply reacts to everything in an emotional way. Hugs

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