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September 1, 2018

Email deletes

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Hello all you wonderful happy people.  My inbox for my emails went to almost 18,000 today.   So I did a mass delete to a tidy 175.   If you sent me an email and did not get a reply please send me another one.  I get more email than I can get to in a day.   IF you had a really good post you think I should see and I have missed it, again drop me an email and let me know.   Thanks everyone, you are grand.   Hugs


  1. You are one popular blogger!! 🙂

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    Comment by Carmen — September 1, 2018 @ 15:30

    • Thank you, I could only wish. It really is from all the blogs I subscribe to, plus I liek to stay up with comments on those blogs so I check the box that sends me an email for each comment. Add in the odd business email and personal letters and I get swamped. Oh and I get an email for each of the 180 plus YouTube channels I subscribe to each time they upload a new video. I thought the email thing would make it so I wouldn’t miss any posts or uploads, instead it seems to have just created more work to keep up with the emails. Hope all is well for you? are you getting ready for fall festivities? I bet you really do some grand decorating for Halloween. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — September 1, 2018 @ 15:35

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