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September 5, 2018

Disgraceful racism, this is the republican party ** the claim of racism of this person has not been clearly proven and is in debate. Please read the comments before deciding. **

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  1. TBH it looks more like coincidence than on purpose. I see a woman grasping her forearm. When I sit arms like that I grasp my arm similarly and I am most certainly not a “white power” person. But from the right angle I’m sure you could make it look that way just like this picture did. This woman has many friends who are minorities and has received much support from them following this BS. Maybe we should stop with the “US” vs “them” on both sides and stop instantly seeing the worst in the otherside. If we did the world would be a much better place and peoples lives wouldn’t be ruined like this for no reason other than a camera angle making something out of nothing.

    I choose to see the best in everyone. Especially when we know nothing about them.

    PS she is mixed race (Mexican and Jewish with grandparents who survived the holocaust) herself and NOT white at all. But it seems people are so hateful of the “them” that we are allowing ourselves to be divided by the media and politicians. Not all republicans are bad, not all democrats are good. Each person is unique and deserves a fair shake and not instant hate because they believe differently than we do.


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    Comment by Michelle Styles — September 5, 2018 @ 09:55

    • Michelle I read the other side of the argument. She is a white power person even though she came from mixed stock I think. She worked with Steven Miller on the worst of the immigration policies. Yes her husband says she is not , but Laura Ingraham and we know she clearly is. Lou Dobbs denies he is a raciest but he is one of the worst of them. Here is the comments I got the picture from.

      The comment section at the above link was full of both sides. The link below has the some of the same comments.

      I think she is a white power supremacist but I could be wrong. I have been before.
      As for she is of a mixed race so she can’t be racist, I would remind you of all the log cabin republicans, gay people who vote against their interest by voting and promoting republican candidates.
      Michelle I agree it is better to not have a we vs them, or tribal mentality. Unfortunately you know as do I that there is a part of the population that is heavy into that and will hurt others if they can get away with it. So we have to be on our toes. You have been hurt by bigots, as have I. I don’t want to become someone who screams at every leaf that blows thinking it is an attacker, yet I do want to be mindful and warn others of the threats when I see them.

      Thanks for writing in. As I said I can be wrong, in fact I have posted things that were wrong and took them down when it was pointed out to me. I do appreciate it when people point it out. Be well. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — September 5, 2018 @ 13:11

      • Yes there is a group called ANTIFA now listed as a left wing hate group by many even Democrat states like Washington. See that fox don’t hunt because the we vs them is on both sides. It has to stop someplace and when I look in the mirror I decide it stops with me. If more people did then the world would be a better place.

        hugs and be well also my dear friend

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        Comment by Michelle Styles — September 5, 2018 @ 13:15

        • PS that we vs them does not apply to a single person. I still think tRump is an asshat!

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          Comment by Michelle Styles — September 5, 2018 @ 13:16

          • I understand what you are saying, and I wish the world could be as you would make it if you could. Sadly I just don’t think the other side is going to work with us to create that world. And I think the same of tRump as you know, we are in agreement on that. Hugs


            Comment by Scottie — September 5, 2018 @ 13:22

        • I agree that ANTIFA should be listed as a hate group, or at least not associated with any progressive group. They are a group that wants to damage as much property as possible and to fight. The last white supremacist march was a failure for the racist but the ANTIFA people started fighting with the police and trowing trash cans when the poilice kept them from attacking the racist. I don’t like that. I seen a peaceful protest get horrible press mentions because the ANTIFA people ran around breaking windows of shops and throwing stuff on camera. It was horrible. We progresses have to be above reproach when we protest, even when the other side is not. If attacked we can defend our selves and should, but we shouldn’t be the attackers. The world is better with you in it, that is my opinion and I think you are grand. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — September 5, 2018 @ 13:21

  2. Looks like she’s just using her index finger and thumb in a manner that suggests she was might be squeezing or scratching a mark on her forearm, especially if you look at here expression, which suggests she wasn’t paying attention to the speaker or what was going on around her but rather her arm, without actually looking at it. In fact she appears almost miles away.
    I’d never heard of a white power sign til I saw this.
    I did a quick google image search and based on all the variants it looks like Mr Gu is a bit of a Paranoid Tweet Nob.

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    Comment by Arkenaten — September 6, 2018 @ 09:27

    • I don’t know Ark. There is a lot of debate on it, with each side giving what they think is evidence. There are claims she often sits with her hand like that. I have known about the symbol for a while, a congressman’s son did it while his dad was sworn in. It made big time news then. As for the lady, I think as she was part of the huge push against immigrants it could be she is a white power person. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — September 6, 2018 @ 09:32

      • Shrugs Well, I guess you know your people better than me.

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        Comment by Arkenaten — September 6, 2018 @ 09:34

        • Well the thing is there is video I watched of her. It could be I am wrong, there is a lot of debate. The problem is people in government who are racists rarely come out and admit it. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — September 6, 2018 @ 09:50

          • Agreed, but why would she be making a sign for? And to whom?
            Seems a bit over the top and from what Michelle was saying regarding her folks etc she seems an unlikely candidate to be such a Nob.
            But, like I said, you know your countrymen and women and the politics better than me.

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            Comment by Arkenaten — September 6, 2018 @ 09:54

            • Both you and Michelle have good points. I admit I am not sure. The damning thing for me is her work on clearly racist immigration policy. If it was not for that I would agree it seems a huge stretch. I do not think real audience for her to make the sign was people watching, as your correct that makes little sense. It could have been for committee members at the hearing, but they would know if he was a racist or not already. SO why do it? Great point. I will edit the post to acknowledge the claim is not proven. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — September 6, 2018 @ 10:01

              • Innocent until proven and all that, right?
                In days of yore Nobs like Eugene and his Tweet could easily have led to someone like her being burned at the stake!

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                Comment by Arkenaten — September 6, 2018 @ 10:04

                • I agree. I edited the title of the post to show that the claim was in dispute and to read the comments before deciding. Hugs

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                  Comment by Scottie — September 6, 2018 @ 10:06

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