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September 9, 2018

Remember the reason why

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  1. Yes trade unions were essential but the big question is does there come a time when they are no longer useful? Does there come a time when they are in fact powerhouses of greed insisting that their members needs are met regardless? Southern rail train drivers rejected a £75,000 pound a years pay deal — did I hear that figure correctly ? it seems a mighty lot to me.

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    Comment by kersten — September 9, 2018 @ 14:56

    • I think unions can get harmful, but that is a slim minority and in fact the labor conditions have gotten horribly worse since unions have lost influence. Business have to make money in order to pay the workers, but the workers need a living wage if anyone is going to buy the product or service rendered. The employment market has become far too one sided at this time and workers are suffering because of it. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — September 9, 2018 @ 15:00

  2. It is the ancient nut of human nature at work with opposing forces , employer and employees . It is our nature to look up the pyramid of wealth and think we deserve more cake, while those on top are very determined to keep what they have and increase it even more.
    Mrs Thatcher decimated the unions in the UK but now they have rallied and begin to flex their muscles with renewed determination.
    The solution is dialogue between management and workers , the government have partly assisted in this with the minimum wage.
    Mr Trump is a business man’s president his main concern is for the middle class and wealthy , he also will not compromise with anyone but insists he alone is correct about how to guide America in the modern world. Such conceit is bound to fail even if he can pretend a temporary success.

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    Comment by kersten — September 10, 2018 @ 04:34

    • There really is no middle class, just working poor, and wealthy. The employer / employee doesn’t need to be adversarial. Many of the tech companies are lavish with their benefits and employee treatment. They do very well. I think some large employers like Walmart do not see low income employees as humans. I worked for Walmart less than 6 months. They required people to work off the clock, they demanded many things that are illegal, but they pay so low employees are desperate. Not me I refused and of course they fired me. They will shut down a store rather than let the employees form a union. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — September 10, 2018 @ 06:54

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