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September 25, 2018

The Problem with Penises

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Powerful! Very Powerful! Please give this a read. It is worth every second you spend on it. Thanks. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

This essay isn’t about bashing men. Good men know who they are. Women recognize and appreciate those men. In fact, you’re our gold standard for how all men should treat women. The fact that I need to include this disclaimer is part of the issue.

Since forever, penises and their handlers (PH’s) have been granted astonishing privilege and power over vaginas and their handlers (VH’s). Penises are lauded as funnier, smarter, decisive, and significantly more adept at everything. They’re encouraged to treat VH’s as the fairer sex, less than, and to behave like a gentleman through acts of chivalry. Or as we call it, misogyny, mansplaining, sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, or rape adjacent behavior, among other things. PH’s think it is their birthright to exert total control over a VH whenever they see fit. Society has taught VH’s that we were put on this earth to live…

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  1. It’s a fierce post , intense to the point of being painful , maybe even a rant. Let me quote Charles Darwin ( the idol of the scientific community) and undoubtedly a brilliant man.
    ‘ men attain a higher dominance in whatever he takes up , than can women— whether requiring deep thought , reason , or imagination , or merely the use of senses and hands ”
    Western must remember he lived in an age when women were definitely second class citizens but the big question is were they second class denizens in the stone age?
    Unexpectedly men are stronger faster and more blood thirsty , but these qualities are only of any use in sports or in the army today.
    When I mentioned on a site that Professor Martin Jarvis believes some of J.S. Bach’s greatest works were composed by his wife all hell broke loose . I went on to imply that maybe we had curious mental links to the character of composers whose music we enjoyed.
    Is it possible to still enjoy Wagner knowing he had fascist inclinations ? Surely men and women of talent cannot be die-hard capitalists.
    It seems to me that careful examination of the world often shoots down our notions in all sorts of areas of knowledge and art.

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    Comment by kersten — September 26, 2018 @ 04:34

    • Good Morning Kersten. You sure have a lot of information in your comment. You are thinking faster than I am this morning.

      As to how or in what ways equality was or was not in mans distant past I do not know. I am not sure the roles played by the different sexes. There must have been some differences, and yet life would have been consumed with survival. Interesting subject. Maybe someone who has studied this could comment.

      As to Bach and if his wife helped him or totally wrote some of his music it doesn’t matter to me. Not anything I thought of I admit. The second part of your comment is far more interesting to me. How much of what an entertainers life and beliefs make them off limits? I do not know the extent that Wagner was a fascist. If it was something he pushed and tried to promote I would say I wouldn’t listen to his stuff again. If it was less I could over look it. I think we as a society has learned that what a person does is very important. Look at Bill Cosby. His stuff is totally off limits and out of taste. I use to love his shows, but then we learned he was an abusive predator of women, and I can not see anything he has done with out thinking of those actions and the woman he harmed. There are businesses and people I wont have anything to do with due to their personal actions and stances. Is this right or wrong? I look at it this way. Everyone should be judged on the way they act and the way they impact society. If the impact is a positive thing, OK, if it is a negative thing, then we have to factor that into how we deal with them.

      Have a great day. I figure you are at least five hours a head of me time wise. I am in Florida in the USA. So enjoy the rest of your day. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — September 26, 2018 @ 07:30

  2. Florida , well you won’t get cold , but watch out for those crocodiles they have no consciences. I found it amusing that some female archeologists object to the term ‘ Hunter Gatherers ‘ and prefer ‘ Gatherer Hunters ‘ since it was the females that did the gathering. They claim that it was largely the gathering that fed the tribe. Maybe those early hunters prefered the hunt rather than its benefits– who knows!

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    Comment by kersten — September 26, 2018 @ 10:53

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