15 thoughts on “BuzzFeed News: Here’s How Trump Repeatedly Dismissed Women At His Rambling News Conference

  • Mid terms so important! I watched the whole press conference …1 1/2 hours of rambling, interrupting the press, not letting them ask their questions, going off topic, sounding truly insane, bragging, saying the laughing at U.N. was fake news and on and on seemingly forever. I’ve never seen anything like it. At first he was angry…you could see it and then he went into rally mode and was in his element in his own sick mind.
    We live in a sick world when a good percentage of our countrymen support this idiot and they feed on his behavior.

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    • I agree. I read that state TV ( fox news ) cut the laughter out of the video so he and his gloriously deluded supporters would see the rest of the world laughing at him. I can not believe people are letting this become the new normal. We may never get back to sanity. Hugs

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      • Yes. How is he getting away with this. What control / delusion does he have over the deplorables. This morning I watched a video of a woman with two young daughters beside her say groping girls by boys was OK and normal. Her daughters were listening to their mother say a boy has a right to forcibly handle their bodies against their will. Sick and also infuriating as this is the new normal. Hugs

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        • Avenatti is the only thing resembling how the Dems should be fighting back against this bullshit. This is a fist fight, and the Dems have brought feather-dusters to it. FIGHT!!! God damn it, do the piss me off! And STILL terrified they won’t win the House next month and it should be a fucking given at this point!

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          • I have heard that and I figure it is true. But what the heck is wrong with becoming less white? What is wrong with diversity? Heck some of the greatest people I know are different from me in a lot of respects including skin color. I don’t get it. I suspect it is a fear that what they have done to others when they were the majority may be done to them as a minority? Well treat everyone equally and you wont have that fear. This country has benefited so much from all the different groups ( with the exception of the stupid inexcusable genocide the new white people took on the existing Native First People. ) Yet even those who were so badly treated, harmed, and killed, those people helped make us the nation we are. The founding fathers took a lot of our governing principles directly from the Natives. We have gained so much from the majority of people who have moved here. We have a long way to go, but enshrining bigotry and white nationalism is not the way to get to the future, it is a regression to something we should regret ever happened.
            Thanks Michelle. Hugs


            • As I age, I’m becoming less white. I’ve got fucking brown spots popping up everywhere. I look like a fucking shoe that’s been soaked in brine water for a year then set out in the desert sun to dry for another year. Whaaaaa hopppen?!

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              • 😄😃😂😜👍👍 I love it, the same is happening to me. The only thing getting whiter on me is my hair. My skin has become weathered and reddened by life. Hey if you were to take away white privilege what is so dang great about being white vrs any other skin tone? What saddens me is when I hear of people of darker skin tones using whitening creams to change the color or their skin. Hugs

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    • Agreed. You can see I am pretty stunned at how he gets away with it, and that his deplorables give him full unconditional support. I don’t understand. It is a cult. Hugs


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