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October 7, 2018

Way to think of it.

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Christ Shelton on his podcast made an interesting point.  Chairmen Grassley and his fellow 80 plus republican members on the Judiciary committee are not only far out of touch with our modern day times, but they are not really worried about reelection.  So if they piss off the  their electorate, so what.  They simply say they wont run for reelection.  They have been there so long and they have all they can get.  They have the best healthcare, a huge pension paid by us taxpayers, and all they have to do is ignore what we the people want.  We have to insist these terrible old 70+, 80+, people resign and let people who understand the culture take over.  

I just  read that Mitch McConnell was asked what if a SCOTUS seat came open in 2020 would they wait until the next election to fill the seat.  No he replied they would force through a republican nominee as soon as possible.  Asked why it was different than when Pres Obama tried to nominate a person for the court 14 months from the election and McConnell refused to even give the person a hearing claiming the NEXT president gets to do the appointment McConnell changed the rules again.  It is OK to forward a nominee as long as it is a republican one, a conservative hard right judge, then it is OK.  If not then no it is never OK and must not be allowed even a hearing.  Democracy at work!!!!  I am not sure if I am now in a psychotic breakdown or if this reality is really this fucked up.  Hugs


  1. no you’re not and yes it is. Stop watching the news, Scottie. Find a nice book and read it. I slide by anything to do with trump, elections, anything. There isn’t a single thing we can do at this point but watch as they open the cavity and take out the organs and watching won’t change any of that.

    Go. Find a book. watch your favorite movie. being this upset cannot be good for you…


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    Comment by judyt54 — October 7, 2018 @ 22:39

    • No Judy I disagree. You are more than welcome to do what is good for you. But I served two tours in the US military and my whole life has been one of service to my country. No I wont stand down now. I will use my voice to sound off and help my fellow Americans to rally and come to the front to support the country I love. One way or another it will soon end. If our side doesn’t take it as seriously as their side does , and they do think it life or death, then we lose . We can not afford to be complacent.

      I understand you are worried about my health and I will take a break and step back right after we win, until then we need every soldier. All of us must join in the fight to take back our government and set our country again on a progressive road. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 7, 2018 @ 22:48

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