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October 17, 2018

Proud boys hate group is one of the republican brownshirts. History is repeating it self.

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  1. Unfortunately that describes ANTIFA to a “T”. They are the democrats “brown shirts”. Both sides need to stop with the violence and move back to center ground or I fear there will be no peace. Not for anyone. Us vs Them has to stop or we are destine for more violence.

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    Comment by Michelle Styles — October 17, 2018 @ 14:13

    • I do not agree with your assessment. First the ANTIFA are chaos agents who do not support the democrats but are mostly anti authority. They are a problem for all of us. They have sabotaged many good causes with their actions. I think the things I posted this morning show a clear acceptance of acting violently in the racist vying to become powerful in the republican party. There is a real difference in the view of authority and how it should be used between the parties. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 17, 2018 @ 14:23

        “they are predominantly far-left and militant left”

        left in terms of politics = democrats. Every protest they wage is against the GOP and ring wing groups. They invoke violence even when meet with non-violence. Yes they are a problem for republicans in that they beat up republicans. They are a bigger problem for those they say they support aka democrats.

        Now many democrats have disavowed ANTIFA but so have many republicans disavowed the KKK and neo-nazi. The violence is on both sides my friend. Until we all commit to peace there will be none. That’s the sad truth.

        hugs, hope your feeling better I know your spirits were down for a bit. Ron, hug this man some more cause he is a tender, innocent and gentle soul and this world today is a hard place for people with such a heart as his.

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        Comment by Michelle Styles — October 17, 2018 @ 14:38

        • Far left ( the alt left I call them ) and militant. They do not respect party or lables. They attack any authority even ones that try to help them. The police tried to help the guys being beaten, and the guys went off on the police. They are more anarhrcy than political group. They do not claim the democratic party as their party, but the do claim to be left. They have ruined more positive movements and protests because they wish to brawl and be violent. You are correct they are a problem because people associate them with the democrats, but in truth they are not.

          I disagree the violence is the same on both sides. But here is how I parse it. The racists who drive cars into crowds, beat up blacks and gays, and threaten even more violence want to be part of the republican party. They are trying to join it and even want to take it over. ANTIFA do not want to be democrats. They are not interested in joining or taking over the party, they just want to ruin everything that others care for. They claim to be anti fascist but in truth they are against any type of government as they see that as oppression.

          I would like peace, I really would. However it seems as if for 30 or 40 years the republican party has played dirty and ruthlessly, and the democrats try to be nice and show respect. That has lead to the situation we are in where the democratic party is at serious disadvantages. It seems trying to cooperate and play fair don’t work with people who only want power.

          Ron just did come and give me a kiss. I am feeling down, discouraged, tired. My physical problems are bothering me badly right now, and I am fighting depression. In a few days I should be OK again. You be well. Thanks for the info and if you think of any other Native American voting problems let me know and I will post them. Many warm hugs.


          Comment by Scottie — October 17, 2018 @ 15:01

          • 30-40 years? I thought the BS today was born more today or at least the past decade than anything. After all 40(ish) years ago it was the republicans who passed the civil rights acts for people of color and native Americans. But it certainly has been worse the past years. But to say shooting GOP senators, accosting them in the halls and restaurants, harassing them and their families at home, school and public. Sorry that has to stop too. I agree they are alt-left but they do indeed believe they are the future of the democrat party. after all it is the far left and far right that select their leaders to be…

            You know I love you and i do love we can disagree with dignity and decency. You’re one of a handful I will even engage in any form of political discord with. Because you know we are having a discussion and not an argument.

            big hugs my friend and if you ever get to go to peru it is an incredible country and I say go. 🙂

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            Comment by Michelle Styles — October 17, 2018 @ 15:20

            • I say thirty to forty years as it was in the 1980’s that the big shift in the parties happened. I also agree with you that shooting anyone including congresspeople is a criminal act totally out of bounds. Yelling at people in restaurants I do disagree with, it is not useful. However I did see a few times where respectful individuals approached people in the administration or congress and after intruding themself made clear their disapproval in a calm and respectful manner. I approve of this as most of these people are out of touch and do not hear the criticism the people have of their actions. I am sure you felt like I did during Pres. Obama’s terms that the actions of the Tea Party were uncalled for and threatening. Accosting congress people in the halls of congress is totally acceptable as long as you do not physically acost them as that is their work place and we are the ones they work for. Families are off limits unless the politician tries to use them as props making them political targets, still reasonable decorum is called for. I do agree that making a shit show out of meeting a political person, congressperson , or administration official is wrong and uncalled for, but that goes both ways. When walking with Orrin Hatch some women were tell him about their being assaulted and he mocked them. He told them to grow up, and then maybe he would talk to them. He was being an ass to them. McConnell also refused to acknowledge two female state officials as they tried to talk to him walking with him and not interfere in his passage, but he was a smirking jerk to them. I disagree with any violence.

              I will take your word for the Antifa people as I really have not read up on them and they disgust me with their actions.
              I have not heard of Antifa making claims to any political party, but I have heard them described as far left. They sure do not act like they want to join the party, I doubt many of them vote.

              I enjoy our talks, even our disagreements. I am not always right, in fact I do get things mixed up sometimes, and I am unaware of some things at other times. I like that when I am talking with you and I think something is different I can then look it up and think on it. I do not feel the need to convince you, or anyone to think acultly like I do. People who demand others change their ideas to match with the talker get unreasonable and become assholes. They drive people away. If I disagree with someone and I can not sway them, and it is not a matter of correct facts, I agree to disagree. Freedom of thought sort of thing. I do get irate if someone disregards true facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not their own facts.

              I do like to see how others think. Your perspective on things is different than mine. I did not realize that Antifia was connected to the democratic party as you say, I simply had heard them described on the news as far left and anarchist. So I learned something, and will lwork to make sure they do not take over the party I am part of. That is what talking to people is, learning and understanding.

              You be well. I think you are grand. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — October 17, 2018 @ 15:45

            • Oh and on the North Dakota ID thing, they tribes are trying to raise money for the new ID’s. I just put up a tweet on it. I hope it helps them, I want them to be able to vote. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — October 17, 2018 @ 15:47

            • Hi Michelle, we here in germany have the ANTIFA too, here they act against autorities but from the left of the political sides. Here they prefer to act against the establishment- best said: They act against the haves and capitalism – mostly they act not really creative – but with force, They come in black and wear face masks. Most of them seem to be more educated than the nazi-brown howling Mob, which I compare to the howling white brown supremacists, the GOP-supporters.
              Dear Michelle, I do tend more to Scotties assessment on this issue.
              I like one of your sentences best: “Because you know we are having a discussion and not an argument.” So do we, I hope.
              Wish you all the best. Wherever you may live. 🙂

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              Comment by miles — October 17, 2018 @ 16:10

              • Thank you much. I do so love civilized discussion. Scottie is such a gentle and caring soul and I am very fortunate to count him as a dear friend. I think his heart is to big for his body sometimes. So I always know what he says he is both passionate above and it comes from a place of love that few today seem to have.

                You seem much the same. I am fortunate to have multiple homes. One in Florida where my brother is living and caring for my home and my primary residence in Hawaii.

                As for ANTIFA. They are anything but anti fascists. If they didn’t use violence to intimidate others I’d feel very differently about them. I disapprove of violence of any kind. From driving a car into a crowd of people to beating them with clubs. There is always a better way. I believe if you’ve resorted to violence then you’re out of ideas. If you are already out of ideas then you’ve lost the fight long ago.

                May life find you well and it’s always a pleasure to meet new people. Anyone Scottie calls a friend can’t be a bad person. 🙂

                hugs and well wishes..

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                Comment by Michelle Styles — October 18, 2018 @ 12:16

                • hello Michelle. Thank you for the kind words. We agree on the use of violence including threatening or trying to intimidate. As you say once you do that you have pretty much lost. I always say in a debate if you have to resort to name calling you pretty much show more about yourself than the other person.

                  I think it is important to ask as many questions as we think we already can answer. This ANTIFA thing is really bothering me. I am in the middle of research my local general election ballot, lots of school board and other lower races I do not know much about the candidates. When I get done with that I plan to dig in to this ANTIFA. First I heard of them was during the Occupy Wall Street protest. I think? Then there were protests in Seattle where I remember seeing video of people dressed in black breaking store windows and doing vandalism. After that I sort of lost track until the last white supremacist demonstration where there were so few WP people and thousands of counter protestors. I remember the Antifa group because they were so angry that the police wouldn’t let them fight / brawl with the WP group. The Antifa group started to attack the police. That is the thing I remembered most about them until this thing of three of them wanting to brawl with a whole crowd of proud boys. See the idea that three dudes would dress up in all black “ninja” clothes and attack a whole group of known angry people itching for a fight tells me the three Antifa were also idiots looking for a fight. I can not really think of any progressive group that would support them, but I will look in to them more in a few days.

                  You be well and have fun. I hope you will be able to vote and not have trouble. I like the solution the tribes in ND are pushing. They are demanding their sovereign rights to print letters serving as ID for any tribe member right there at the voting stations. They say legally the state has to accept them. I hope they are correct. Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — October 18, 2018 @ 13:44

  2. Dear Michelle, thanks for your kind answer, I am a 77 year old gay man born in the wake of WW2 in Germany. I know scottie since many years and I am proud of knowing him.
    I lost both my parents to Hitler, my father was a bit of a Nazi, he just was one of the german supremacists. he was killed , fighting for this brown shit. … and my mom died of Hunger when we fled from the war. That is, why I hate Supremacists ideas sooo much – as well as I hate trumps -.
    Your sentence to ANTIFA : “If you are already out of ideas then you’ve lost the fight long ago.” describes them very well. I do hate force – I think – just as much ys you do. But the German ANTIFAs motivation is to “fight” capitalism – and that is not the worst thing.
    Michelle, please look, what capitalism did to the people of the usa – since WW2. That gives me some understanding , what might be in the brains of antifa. 😉
    Thank you again for your kind answer.

    I wish you all the best you could with for yourself.
    With kind hugs

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    Comment by miles — October 18, 2018 @ 13:09

    • Miles it always breaks my heart what happened to you and your mother, and the childhood you endured. I am proud to be your friend. You spent your life helping others as a teacher which is noble. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 18, 2018 @ 13:49

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