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October 21, 2018

S. Carolina: Let Our Taxpayer-Funded Foster Care Agencies Exclude Non-Christians

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Donald Trump may grant South Carolina the right to discriminate against atheists, Jews, and all other non-Christian potential parents… all while allowing foster care agencies to retain federal funding.

The state specifically asked the Trump administration if it would allow the state’s faith-based foster groups to exclude parents who don’t share their religious beliefs, citing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

If granted, the exemption would allow Miracle Hill Ministries, a Protestant social service agency working in the state’s northwest region, to continue receiving federal dollars while “recruiting Christian foster families,” which it has been doing since 1988, according to its website. That discrimination would apply not just to Jewish parents, but also to parents who are Muslim, Catholic, Unitarian, atheist, agnostic or other some other non-Protestant Christian denomination.


  1. Stupidness, your name is religion.
    stupidness, your name is “The Bible”

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    Comment by miles — October 21, 2018 @ 09:45

    • I do not understand denying a child a good home because the would be parents are not of your religion. Think of what is good for the child instead of what is good for the future income from a child indoctrinated by the religious parents. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 21, 2018 @ 10:40

      • Think of what is good for the child — Scottie, haven’t you figured out by now “the child” is the least of their concerns. It’s about RELIGION and making sure the “one true religion” is granted privileges and benefits above all others.

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        Comment by Nan — October 21, 2018 @ 11:39

        • Yup, praise our lord and pass the collection plate. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — October 21, 2018 @ 11:40

  2. And so it begins…….

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    Comment by maryplumbago — October 21, 2018 @ 09:48

    • Yes, a christian theocracy just like the theocracy of the Islamic states. You wont be able to belong to any orginization unless you are a member of the religion, you wont be able to have some jobs unless you are a member of the faith, you will not be able to have your own religion, and you will not have civil rights unless you are of the religion.

      It sounds crazy but there is a bunch of fundamentalist religious leaders who are pushing hard for just that. That is one reason they want their religious stuff in schools, but only theirs. Think of all the bills past in states where putting religious icons and saying in to public schools only permit christian religious stuff, not any other religions. My marriage will be gone, my civil rights will not only be gone but there will constant barrage of how evil gay people are just like it is in Russia now. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 21, 2018 @ 10:46

  3. I knew this kind of thing would start to happen if they got away with discriminating against gays in the “cake wars”. They will always demand more and more. If this goes on, in a couple of years we’ll be back to lunch counter owners demanding the right to refuse to serve blacks — they’d need to find some Biblical grounds for it, but that shouldn’t prove difficult.

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    Comment by Infidel753 — October 21, 2018 @ 12:37

    • Yes, you’re right. I think they used the bible to justify racism and even slavery. God it hurts to see decades of work for equality and civil rights for all destroyed in two years. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 21, 2018 @ 14:41

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