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October 31, 2018

Red Flags

Filed under: Asshole / Jerk, Bigotry, Cartoons, Memes, News, Political, Questions — Scottie @ 09:13

(cartoon by Andy Marlette)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Dave Granlund)

(cartoon by Paul Fell)

(cartoon by Steve Sack)

(cartoon by Mike Peters)



  1. Even when I see him in cartoon form I can’t help wishing that fatal heart attack is very close. Way to do America a favour. Not that I’m sure you couldn’t have a worse time under Pence.

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    Comment by davidprosser — October 31, 2018 @ 09:45

    • Hello David. Pence would be more manageable as he doesn’t have the base support tRump has nor does he have tRump’s ability to do the most horrible things and get away with it. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — October 31, 2018 @ 09:58

    • HA! Now that I see I’m not the only one, I don’t feel so bad about the fatal heart attack wish! 😮😛 Maybe all these campaign tours will take their toll. We can always hope/dream/wish.

      (Naughty, naughty me!)

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      Comment by Nan — October 31, 2018 @ 12:43

      • Hello Nan, and everyone. You should jump over to my post and follow a conversation I am having with Manahil regarding Islam. He is a moderate he says, and he doesn’t support the bad things people do in the name of Islam he says, yet he did tell me he thinks kids going through puberty are better off getting married than dating and doing “bad things”. I admit I started off a bit on the angry side as he told me I being gay is against Islam but no Muslim would harm me. But so far we are having a good talk. Hugs


        Comment by Scottie — October 31, 2018 @ 12:49

        • Thanks for the invite, Scottie, but I can barely keep up with the discussions on all the other blogs I subscribe to! I know you’ll handle it well. 🙂

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          Comment by Nan — October 31, 2018 @ 12:57

          • I am trying as he does seem to want to talk and tell me how good Islam really is and it is bad people hurting the religion by perverting it. I can see his point , it is what some christians say about the fundies. But as nice as he is , he still supports things I can not get behind even if I was to ignore the religion. Like his Idea it was better to marry off kids than let them date. I wish Ark could talk with him. He does it so much better than I. Hugs


            Comment by Scottie — October 31, 2018 @ 13:03

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