5 Essentials for Defeating Trump.

Thank you for an informative and heartfelt post. I have often tried to express what you have written but you do it far better than I can. Thank you for taking the effort to write this, we all really need to read it and pay attention. This is happening in our life time, and could be the end of the rights and liberties we have been so proud to have achieved in our country. Hugs

Lucky Otters Haven

Here’s an extremely sobering article about the Trump regime’s true diabolical agenda: an unholy merging of white male privilege and authoritarian religion disguised as evangelical Christianity (also known as Dominionism).   What this regime isn’t telling anyone is they are working in the shadows toward an intolerant, legally enforced, violent, misogynistic theocracy very similar to radical Islam in everything but the specific religion it’s using to disguise itself.  In fact, this movement isn’t a true religion at all; it’s a religious cover for a fascist political agenda, and is the opposite of anything Christ ever stood for.

Dominionist Christianity is an unholy mix of the prosperity gospel and forced sexual conformity (especially for women).  It tends to attract the selfish and the uncompassionate; the smug, self righteous, and sanctimonious; the greedy, the abusive, the sociopathic, and those who need, due to their own narcissism, to feel superior to others based on…

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3 thoughts on “5 Essentials for Defeating Trump.

  • Reading about dominionism it more or less sums up a large group of Christian believers in America and suits Mr Trumps ideology.
    Of course it’s a small step to go from , I know what’s best for the world , to , I will enforce what I know to be best for the world. There is a similarity between politics and religion , each one advocates a system under which we should live . Fortunately in the west at the moment we can change the leadership , but China is an interesting case it seems to be doing pretty well under a leadership it cannot change.

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