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November 6, 2018

Me on election night, three screens going in my office

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  1. Praise Jeebus!!!! Man, what a relief. We flipped Illinios, Michigan and Wisconsin’s Governors, too. And, my understanding is the 2020 Senate race will favor the Dems the way this one favored the Repukes. Gotta keep fighting and getting more and more people to VOTE!

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    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 7, 2018 @ 06:01

    • Yes but we had record numbers of voters in florida and Georgia and too many couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black person. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2018 @ 06:59

      • Brother, you HAVE to look at the good side of this. Florida past that law so 1.5 million ex-convicts can vote in the next election there. 1.5 million more votes in 2020–a GOOD thing. Yesterday was not perfect, but it was a MASSIVE step in the right direction. Governorship’s flipping in the Mid-west in states tRump barely won in 2016 is a fantastic sign for 2020, especially Wisconsin. This isn’t perfect, but it is a win. Don’t wallow in what didn’t happen THIS time. Keep fighting; keep the energy up, and slowly things will move. It wasn’t going to happen, unless Jesus were real and got involved, that we’d win the Senate THIS time. There’s a stop-gap on tRump now. We’ve not won the House in EIGHT years! Yesterday we did. I stayed away from the talking news heads last night because they play on your emotions like a piano. Take a break. Take a deep breath, and don’t succumb to negative feelings that will simply bog you down. We had a win. Women played a HUGE role. A gay man is now the Governor of Colorado. We won. Not a complete victory, but this was a good win.

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        Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 7, 2018 @ 07:14

        • I understand brother Jeff, and I appreciate what we gained. However I am stunned that in 2018 60+% of white Floridians couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man instead choosing a clearly racist white man instead. This gives the census and the districting power of Florida to the republicans for 2020. They are going to gerrymander the state to look like pasta thrown at a wall. I have had the local channels on this morning and I hear tRump and Desantis crow any harder I will throw up my coffee. I guess when someone says ” did you hear about what happened in Florida … ” you know dang well it is going to be a fuck up.
          Like the guy who took an alligator into the liquor store with him. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2018 @ 08:09

          • Well, I can only hope you spend as much time looking at the wins, too. We need even more energy for 2020 and beyond. The trick will be keeping that up. And what do you expect Trump to be saying, “I lost the House, maybe I should change my ways?” I don’t listen to him anymore. I already know what he’s gonna say. It’s deeply depressing to listen to him, and yes, it sucks that racism is still so alive within America. Sucks bad. What happened in Florida sucks. 1.5 million more votes is one good thing gained, however. Don’t listen to Trump. If you want to know what he’s saying, ask me. I’ll tell you almost word for word, without even listening to him, so you won’t have to listen to his voice. Makes me wanna vomit. I’m sorry you can’t see some of the good things we’ve gained despite the losses, and, yes, they are awful, but hat’s exactly what Trump wants. In that way, he’s won bigly.

            Did you hear about that fucking Repukelican Congressmen in California who’s got SIXTY fucking criminal charges against him yet STILL won his re-election campaign? Fucking Repukes are totally without morals and they’re as close to true evil as one can get without believing in the supernatural and Satan. I was terrified we wouldn’t even get the House. I mean truly terrified. I was expecting that to be the case today. But it’s not. Thank Jeebus. This is NOT good news for Trump no matter how he spins it. He’s lost the suburban vote, young people, and independents, and he’s losing the Mid-western states that elected him. Wisconsin is HUGE loss with Walker losing–that piece of shit. The key for Dems in the House is now not to fuck things up–something they’re very, very good at. Trump will run his whole re-election campaign against the Democratic House. So they MUST be careful. Anyway, I think this also helps Mueller and he can hopefully now complete his investigation a bit more easily. Trump will NEVER be removed from office because of the Senate, but an impeachment hearing is not something he wants. This isn’t a total win in any way, but it isn’t a total loss either. Be careful how deeply you fall into negative thinking over and over again. That’s exactly what the Repukes and Trump want you to do. They win every time we do that shit. I’m gonna stop talking about this now because I’ve fulfilled my quota for today of news. Peace out.

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            Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 7, 2018 @ 08:35

            • Hello Jeff. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I cooked Ron and I breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bagels, english muffins, and white toast. He will soon be off to bed as he worked last night and will work tonight.

              Jeff I do understand there was some wins and good things that came out of the election. in fact here is a site that listed a bunch of them.
              But you misunderstand me. The fucking republicans voted for a dead brothel owner who styled himself after tRUmp. All my adult life the republicans bragged about being the fiscally responsible party, the are not. The bragged they were the party of personal responsibility , they are not. They bragged about being the family values party, they are not. They bragged on being the moral party , they are not. Each of these things can be shown by their own actions that they are not any of them, yet republican politicians get votes? I am angry, and furious with the people in my country who call themselves republicans. I am disgusted with them. the republican party is now fully the party of tRump, and all the republican party politicians have sworn their fealty to him.

              On a side note, did you see tRump tweeted that if the Dems in the house try to investigate him, he will have the republicans in the senate investigate the democrats in the house. Weird, I don’t think they can do that.

              Be well Jeff, and no don’t over stress on this. I have my daily political cartoons to post and a bunch of reading as everyone in the world thinks they have the real meaning of the election to share. 😜😋😃😄 Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2018 @ 09:44

              • I agree. Repukes are totally fucking disgusting as are the fucking idiots who vote for them. This is going to be one long, ugly, nasty fight. 50% of our fellow citizens are pieces of shit. Oh, and they’re fucking stupid, too.

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                Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 7, 2018 @ 09:49

            • I’m sorry you can’t see some of the good things we’ve gained despite the lossesBe careful how deeply you fall into negative thinking over and over again.

              YES! Pay attention, Scottie. We know you have misgivings about what happened and what is happening in our nation, but DON’T … I repeat, DON’T … let yourself get bogged down by only looking at the negative. It hurts noone but YOU!

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              Comment by Nan — November 7, 2018 @ 11:41

              • I’m reading that the Senate race in 2020 is gonna favor the Dems the way this year it favored the Repukes, and we won the popular vote, again, by millions overall. We just gotta keep fighting and not give up. Truly, I REALLY was expecting the Dems NOT to win the House. I’m rather pleased they did.

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                Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 7, 2018 @ 11:48

                • I am pleased we won the house, but I felt we would. I really thought Gillum would win and made my retention of judges based on it. I had hopes for Beto but I worried he was not being strong enough in response to Cruz’s attacks. As for the Florida map, the senate seats are state wide so it won’t be hurt by the coming redistricting, but I do expect we will be gerrymandered out of any plausible explanation. Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2018 @ 11:58

              • I Do see the good we have gained. However I still am both disgusted and angry at the members of the cult of tRump. I swore an oath three times in my life to protect the country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Ron told me all the proud shit talking republican nurses are no longer defending tRump nor any other republican politician. I want people to be ashamed of tRump and his crew / supporters. I have often felt you must know what the opposition is saying and doing to properly defend yourself and to defeat them. Don’t worry Nan, I am not in a depression, I am simply trying to figure out how people who claim to be all things better can be so deluded and shitty. Hugs

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                Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2018 @ 11:50

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