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November 13, 2018

several stages along already. Resist !!

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  1. fact checkers called this false under Obama when the republicans posted the same BS in 2014/2015. The Civil Liberties union sued the Obama administration then too. The pictures of kids in cages were actually 2014 photos used in the law suit. The media didn’t say a word back then. This is why I don’t trust any media source to present me with facts and only facts and not politicized news twisted to meet the narrative they wish to present.

    Doesn’t matter from Fox to CNN all news is politically bent to present “facts” which are at best partial truths.

    Where these camps wrong when Obama did it? Yup. Are they wrong now? Yup. Was the intent of this law a good intent? Yup. But it was taken way to far by both administrations. The real difference is under Obama we tried to determine if the kids were in actual danger before removing them from their parents. Then as now children are used by adults who aren’t their parents to cross the border more easily. These kids often end up in child prostitution rings. This law was meant to curtain human trafficking. With zero tolerance it is assumed since the parents are criminals (breaking the law of entry into our nation) the children must be removed. Which is total BS!

    But this meme is unfair as most of the detention centers for children predated Trump by many years and were used by every president before him without such memes. Love Trump, hate Trump, or like me just wish it was 2020 already with good choices like maybe Joaquin Castro (who I think could carry Texas!) or Ruben Gallego a Marine vet who put himself through Harvard or Pramila Jayapal who stands up for her beliefs even when unpopular with her own part and believes so strongly she spoke out against Obama for the child separation and has been arrested twice in protests against it.

    I want real choices. Strong, hard working, principled, and disciplined politicians. Maybe in 2020 the democrat party will run such a candidate who’s record is beyond reproach. I have my hopes on one of the three for sure but there are others. These are just three I like a whole lot.

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    Comment by Michelle Styles — November 13, 2018 @ 11:24

    • Oh yeah and hugs!! 🙂

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      Comment by Michelle Styles — November 13, 2018 @ 11:25

    • Michelle I never said that holding children
      in limited detention until you had a place for them was wrong under any administration. You can not have homeless kids on the street, it is harmful for them. However you can not simply warehouse them for ever. That is not what the meme above was saying. Obama’s administration used military bases most as they were set up to handle the influx of kids. I do not remember Obama setting up tent cities. In Texas the funny thing was the republicans were claiming the military’s exercise was so they could lock up Texas republicans in empty Walmart stores.

      Michelle the recent photos were not from Obama’s term, they were clearly from the tRump term. I am talking the kids with the silver blankets I posted, the kids in large fenced in enclosures. Even the dention facilites in buldings and the small tent city set up for them when the buildings and private detention places couldn’t take any more. Now yes there were unaccompanied minors coming over during the Obama presidency. There was a famous lawsuit and the settlement for that established the short period of time minors could stay in detention. All true. However the problem we are looking at is first this administration created a policy of taking children from parents or guardians at the border. That created a situation where they had to have a place for those kids. The problem as reported skyrocketed. You have heard the term catch and release that the tRump white house so much hates. Well that was used during Obama’s term so there was not a need for tent cities to hold all the families that were waiting for their hearings. Data from that time shows that 90% of those people showed up for their hearings. However the tRump white house has said it is going to hold families, parents and kids in tent cities and has filed notice with the court that they will not be honoring the settlement on length of time they can hold these children. They are creating incarceration camps because they want to incarcerate a select group of people. Seems very similar to me Michelle.

      Now I have posted here on my Toy Box several photos and articles about the request the Homeland Security has made for over 3,600 new beds and the building of these tent cities complete with facilities to feed all the inmates. This is because they are planning to house whole families, adults and children here.

      Side note: Some children who had been at these detention facility said there was no education during “school time”, they were simply left to watch movies or simply “hang out”.

      Michelle I disagree with you entirely on the third person using kids and kids used in sex trafficking. That has been debunked. Most of the time they are with one or both parents. Sometimes with a grandparent or other family member. Part of the problem the current administration created with releasing the kids is they demanded fingerprints and complete background checks even when the kids verified they were relatives. The administration made it so onerous that families of these people ( kids and adults ) were afraid to come forward to claim them. The idea that a large part of these kids were props for drug gangs and child sex traffickers is as made up as the idea of Hillary Clinton having a child sex ring in a pizza shop basement. That the pizza shop had no basement did not stop the story from spreading like wildfire ( thanks right wing nut radio and web sites, even fox news reported it ) and a guy from storming in there with a gun, firing shots to “save those abused kids”.

      Again Michelle I have posted here on the fact these are new tent cities. I have posted the requests from homeland security. I have posted the speeches were 45 says he is going to detain families and kids together, sort of in spite. Simply put the large tent city going up in Texas is new to this administration. Again these are not for children alone, these are for families. That is where you misunderstood the meme.

      As to the last two paragraphs I think we all want better choices in leaders and politicians. I was really pulling for Beto O’Rourke myself. I want progressives, people who will fight for health care for all with out trying to attack it as socialist evil. I want separation of church and state and equal rights for all. I want reasonable immigration policies, a solution for the DACA kids, who did nothing wrong. Basically I want congress and the presidency to respond to the needs of the people, not the greed of big money donors.

      Common sense says if you want to shorten detention and process more people quickly, instead of thousands of troops, hire thousands of judges. I hate State TV that claims we are being invaded. That is crap. The military has estimated that of the 4000 or so in the caravan only 140 on the high end are expected to actually reach our border. They are not here to invade instead the turn themselves in and ask to be processed for asylum. The reason we need tent cities is instead of processing these people and turning them over to people here in the US until their hearings, this administration wants to play tough on immigrants for their base and won’t release them. So they have to house them.

      As I have posted here in the last year, Hitler did not originally kill the Jewish people they rounded up. They were detained, exported, detained again. They were sent to camps to be deported. It was only after the camps got going and the deportation took to long that they started the real concentration camps and the horrors we decry to day.

      The point of the meme was it is not the start of the same journey taking by Germany in the late 1930’s, this is several steps down that road.

      As always I welcome and enjoy your comments. I learn stuff even if it is because I have to look stuff up to be sure of what I am saying, or when I have to say yes you are correct and I was wrong. You are very smart and you keep this old country bumpkin on my toes.

      Hugs and best wishes.


      Comment by Scottie — November 13, 2018 @ 13:25

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