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November 13, 2018

Why do republicans sue and threaten and go hysterical when they are losing? They need to respect the vote of the people and make a message that gets them elected instead of trying to stop vote counting

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  1. Wow I had not read that yet. /smdh
    Play by the rules. That’s what I said when Trump won the election. It was the rules when the race started. This guy needs to do the same. Play by the rules you agreed to when you started the process.

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    Comment by Michelle Styles — November 13, 2018 @ 15:37

    • Hello Michelle. I agree with you, we should all follow the rules, unless of course the rules are immoral or discriminatory. If we decided as a country we need to change the rules, then OK. We also have basic rights we need to figure in.

      But this guy knew the system he was running in and agreed to it, liked it as he felt it would help him. Now he is worried he will lose so he wants it all declared invalid.

      I have been interested in this hierarchy voting method. Have you seen it?

      As I understand it you vote the ones you want on a numbered scale , such as I want number 1 but if he doesn’t win I and number 2 and so on. They tally all of them up and the ones who get the most win. I have heard people argue it is far more democratic. I admit I am not good in math, so some of it slides by me. The argument they make is that if far more people vote for the second candidate than the first it should be the second candidate the wins. You probably know far more math than I , balancing my checkbook took me hours…yes I admit I still do it even though we don’t use checkbooks and everything is electronic. Yes I am old. But how does the math seem to you? does it work out that the person most people voted for win?

      Thanks I know your busy, but I look forward to reading ( and trying hard to understand ) your reply. Lots of loves and hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 13, 2018 @ 16:06

      • It’s actually more basic than that.

        The way it works in Maine is one candidate must get to 50.1% to win. If no candidates get to 50.1% then the lowest one is thrown out and the secondary vote counts. They do this until one gets to 50.1% or “clear winner”. It’s an interesting system for sure.

        Scottie 49%
        McCain 46%
        Collins 3%
        Trump 2% 1.5% for scottie, .5% McCain

        In this case they would only count the second votes for Trump making Scottie have 50.5% clear winner end of counting. Not a horrible system just a different system.

        I know Maine is a little whacky but sometimes I think they got it right.

        Did you hear about this one? Sen. Bill Nelson’s Lawsuit Seeks To Count Ballots Received After Election Day. I thought most states had a rule it must be post marked before election day but could arrive after? The post mark is what matters I thought. /shrug Maybe not. So many law suits. Just like in florida One of the democratic candidates sued to have the votes of illegals counted. I mean what the heck let’s just play by the rules. If they need changed then let’s fight to change them. But they need to be changed before the fact not after it.


        PS My parents still live in Maine. beautiful state if it didn’t get so much cold and snow! /buurrrrrr

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        Comment by Michelle Styles — November 13, 2018 @ 16:27

        • Hello Michelle. No one I know wants to count illegals voting. I have to admit I don’t know how they could. I have a drivers licence I show at each election. It looks nothing like me. Honestly. It was my wedding photo which I shared here on my blog. My face was very filled out , almost moon shaped, my face was clean shaven, and I have very long hair, well over my chest and tummy. I no longer look like that as many people here on my blog can tell. My hair is much shorter, my face is thinner, and I have a big face of hair called a beard. When we go to vote in my area , the person looks at the photo on my drivers licence, and asks questions. How long ago was this picture, where do you live, what is your date of birth among some. I don’t get upset and answer the questions as the person checks my data on the voter role. I have never been turned down. Maybe if I was not white I would have been, but to date I sailed right on and because I am disabled they help me out a lot, getting me to a table and helping me with the whole process.

          Michelle, maybe I am a dreamer or something but I would like to think it is that way for everyone. Have I missed something? Voting is a right of citizens and it should be that easy. Sadly some people want to win so badly they try to keep others from voting. I hate that. Look it is not if I win or lose, it is the will of the MAJORITY of the people.


          Comment by Scottie — November 13, 2018 @ 17:39

          • Here is one source.
            Thi was a fight for one vote but it was deeper as 100s of ballots were rejected for the same reason.
            The only stupid thing I’ve seen from Democrats this election. Copared to the many on the otherside.
            Just seems extremes have been brought on bothsides, perhaps as a response to the otherside.
            Republicans want to limit voting, via IDs and such. Democrats want it wide open and super easy for all.
            Then the extremes come and we have some working to suppress votes and others looking to count illegal votes.

            Wish it was a better world where people could talk out ideas and differences. Where we accept all people as people and realize they have value no matter if we agree or not. That’s why I love you so much. We talk, we agree, we disagree, we teach each other and yes I’ve learned from you a great many things. In the end we remain freinds and we love and respect the other. It’s never a “must win fight” but always just a discussion among friends. You’re a rare and special person in todays world.

            big hugs. 🙂

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            Comment by Michelle Styles — November 14, 2018 @ 09:39

            • Hello Michelle. The Daily Caller? Really. They are a far right wing conspiracy site. About up there with Breitbart. However I will do a search for this story and see if I can find it on any site not affiliated with with right wing sites that print false information.

              I was a voter in West Palm Beach and here in North Fort Myers Florida. I have explained all I have to go through to be approved to cast my vote. Let me say it again.

              When you walk in you approach a long table with people who have to verify you are who you say, that you are registered to vote, and that you get the correct ballot. My drivers license photo doesn’t look like me. It was taken when I had very long hair down to my chest, had no beard, was very full faced. Today as you know I have short hair, I have a full beard and my face is much thinner. So the person starts by asking me questions to prove I am who I say I am. They ask my address, my age, my birthdate, everything that is on my registration form. If I did not have that form I would be denied the right to vote.

              There simply is not a way a non-citizen could vote. That is because to register to vote you have to be either a natural born or naturalized citizen. So how did this non-citizen who is clearly known to be a non citizen get registered? That hundreds of these people got by?

              I was curious of how much real voter fraud there was. I read a few studies. All of them show it is very very rare.

              Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, who sat on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, wrote Friday that a review of documents shows the panel’s evidence of voter fraud is “glaringly empty.”


              There were others, I just choose these ones.

              Michelle I know we both have our biases, but let me be clear as a progressive liberal. I do not want illegal immigrants voting. I do not want non-citizens voting.
              No real democrat does. What we want is for all the people who have the right to vote because they are legal citizens to get that right and those votes to be counted. We are against laws that make it almost impossible for a minority part of the population to vote. You know how voter suppression laws try to keep Native People from voting. We both know of the horrible suppression of black votes going on in the Georgia governor’s race. That is what we are against.

              In my attempt to keep looking to be as sure as possible that no illegals are voting I found this site. It has a lot of good information and also has a debunk of a fake article about the armed black panthers preventing white voters from voting, that was pushed by BreitBart.

              Now there is a push by some mostly in San Francisco to let non-citizen residence to vote in local elections for such as school board or other town stuff. I can understand that as there are a lot of legal residents that have lived here in the US for decades who did not become citizens yet have been valuable in their towns. Again that is not for federal offices and is limited even in those places it has been proposed. Also it is only for legal residents, not illegal ones.

              Michelle I wish we could talk about these things also. It has become so poisoned not by you or me, but by media that has an agenda. It is caused by sites that either fabricate things to get a reaction or get people upset and angry, or omit important details so to slant the information their audience receives. This goes on on both sides of the political spectrum, but more on the right. You have very bias slanted talk radio and even Fox News that are partisan and push a version of news that fits what they want it to be, not what the news really is. I do know there are Left wing blogs and sites that also do this, but the truth is the left is not good at it. We have not had a “Rush Limbaugh” since Larry King stopped his radio program back in the 1980’s. That is why it is up to people like me and you to both weigh the news and to be able to talk civilly about stuff with each other.

              I agree with what you have written in your comment. I even agree that if the lawyers really did try to count an illegal vote, that is horrible and I would say would be grounds for their dismissal from the bar. Lawyers can not commit an illegal action as they are officers of the court, so if they did this in public where it is documented they would lose their law license. I was not able to independently validate the Daily Caller / Breitbart story. I found lots of right wing sites that made all sorts of claims from silly to downright scary. I even looked at snopes and truth or fiction, to websites good at spotting hoaxes and reporting on things people are questioning. I am putting on some mainstream media hoping I will hear something. I think if either side was pushing for legal immigrants to have votes counted, ABC, CBS, NBC, and others would report it. Especially our local stations. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — November 14, 2018 @ 11:50

        • I forgot to mention Ron wants us to move back to New England and the seasons. I thought we moved away from there t get away from snow and ice. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 13, 2018 @ 17:41

          • Ive actually been researching medium size liberal cities wondering if I might move someday, especially if trump is elected in 2020. I even checked other Fla. cities. They are still pretty red except for Palm Beach area and some of the Miami area.
            But the NE part of the country is where’d I really like to be as far as liberal progressive, but…’s so cold and often quite expensive. I’m not drawn to the West…too far from my roots, dry, fire potential expensive also.

            I could go back to Asheville, but I’d now think of a bit bigger city and more cosmopolitan. I keep seeing good things about Raleigh/ Durham / Chapel Hill area. I looked on City and you can see the % of the voting as to party affiliation and also the religiousity of the city as well.

            But one city that really stuck out positive was Ithaca, NY., Ann Arbor, Mi, B urlington, Vt. And lots of towns in New Hampshire….
            Just food for thought.

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            Comment by maryplumbago — November 14, 2018 @ 11:11

            • Hello Mary. I think you would love West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County. We lived there for ten years. Wonderful place. However it is very large and highly fast paced.

              For us, I think we will stay right here in south Florida. We are really too old and poor to go anywhere else. We will soon have the house the way we want it. we know the area well, it is just easier to stay than move. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — November 14, 2018 @ 11:56

        • Oh I did a search and the only place I could find that lets non citizens vote was in Francisco California where they let non citizens vote in local elections only.

          The ballot received after ballot day is not true. It is the post mark after ballot close. So if the ballot was mailed in time but took two weeks to get to the processing center, the election supervisors office, it still has to be counted.

          You are correct, and that is what is happening. There are still ballots coming in from overseas still postmarked for the correct time to be counted.

          The reason this is getting attention is Rick Scott and his Republican machine want to make this a big deal because the ballots show him losing. On election night he w2as winning, but not all ballots were counted, now that they are he is losing and he wants that stopped at all cost.

          I was a service member and I dan wanted my vote to count even though I had to mail it in.

          I think we agree I just think we are getting different information. Hugs and loves.

          Ps. I still don’t understand the voting for first second third and fourth candidates. Math was never my strong suit but you would need serval really great computers to figure it all out. IMO. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 13, 2018 @ 17:52

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