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November 20, 2018

Again my eyes want to close

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Ron and I had a busy day.  We went grocery shopping.  Ron noticed I was struggling to walk and told me I could stay home, but never could I do such a thing.  Unless it is Walmart, I despise that store.  Anyway Ron slept this afternoon ( he works nights so being up int eh day gets to him ) and then got up and made a grand supper.  Now I am struggling to stay awake.  I keep saying one more blog, one more email, but I am fading fast.   Last night I got up at 11 PM and took a full set of pain medications.  My hips and back hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep.  Then at 2 AM I took some more.  I fell off to sleep at about almost three AM and at five knew I had to get up.  That is my life in the  fast lane.  I think I will close everything down and go to bed, I am really fading. Best wishes and hugs.  OH Ron bought me a new super web cam, so I will do videos soon.   He knew my old ones were not right, and blurry but he said last week he missed my videos , and when I told him the cams were not working correctly he bought me the top of the line Logitech Biro.  Sorry but you will get to see more of my mug in HD and even 4K resolution.  The sad thing is the camera is far to advanced to run at top speed and be used with my video program, so I spent some time learning new programs for it.  Rendering should be interesting.  Anyway, off to bed I go.  Loves and hugs to all.  Scottie


  1. Aww you must rest instead of pain meds… I know but.. Kind of sad to read

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    Comment by rollercoasterrideonlife — November 20, 2018 @ 19:38

    • Hello Rollercoasterrideonlife. No please do not feel sad for me. I have my struggles but right now I have healthcare and I have food and shelter. What I have can not directly kill me. It is just my bones and muscles / nerves are damaged and slowly getting worse. You are correct I should rest more. The doctors do want me to rest every two hours, but I get interested in stuff and only rest when the pain is too bad to continue. Thanks for caring. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 21, 2018 @ 04:42

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