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November 22, 2018

unconditional love

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  1. As a former catholic – 60 years ago – I tell you: The worst I know about what priests are doing in the catholic church is “exorcism”; where exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that are believed to be possessed.
    The current Pope Francesco thinks, it is okay and necessary
    One got to know, that alone in Italy every year 500.000 catholics go to a priest, to get “Exorcised”.
    And the proof is: if there is no devil, there is no god
    What a bloody nonsense in the 21 century.

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    Comment by miles — November 22, 2018 @ 13:41

    • The evil is in the middle of the catholic church, it is in the real midst of their priests and other clergymen. What a horrible belief is it, that lives from and with the evil in their believers and the priests themselves. – who are the wolves supposed to herd their sheep, and the believers are the willing sacrifices for them wolves in sheepskin. And the believers do believe just because of fear of death and of hell — and because of all the lies in 99 different fairytale-books called bible.
      And again most of the victims are kids, who are unable to even argument.

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      Comment by miles — November 22, 2018 @ 15:14

      • Miles, as you know all religions have harmful side effects. I am not sure one mythical belief is worse than any other, but I do know power begets abuse. So the more powerful a group the more they can be abusive. Hugs


        Comment by Scottie — November 22, 2018 @ 15:35

  2. Seen in the german media: A fanatical christian went to India ; There lived a tribe far away from any “Civilisation “, This fanatical christian had intended to missionize this tribes people with Jesus, – although it was forbidden to come closer to the isle , the tribe lived on, than 5 kilometers. Finally when that fanatic didnt keep off the Isle, he was shot by the tribe with bow and arrow.

    This just reminds me with what that Pakistani muslim Girl wrote today about a christian, that tried to missionize her.
    In former times the churches sent missionaires to abroad colonies to” bring christian life to the “wild”
    The would do it until today; it is just for the reason, that the churches lack of stupid fuckin priests, so they had to give up missionizing. But as you see, the idea is still living amongst fanatical chirstians.
    …, and if muslims are doing the same, for stupid trump it is of course terrorism.

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    Comment by miles — November 23, 2018 @ 16:36

    • Hello Miles. Yes I read that story. I agree the Fundamentalist think everyone has to be taught about their god and then made to live by the doctrines of their religion. It is very harmful and stressful. There are some groups that make it a habit to send their church members out to neighborhoods to go door to door trying to sell their god. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 23, 2018 @ 16:48

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