Ron’s Christmas Tree, try 2

On Wednesday Ron took a break from building the front room ( my future office ) and after moving things around ( which looks much better )  and began setting up his Christmas Tree.   I looks grand.  He loves doing it.   He loves odd unusual ornaments.   That night he took a bunch of pictures and asked me to post them.   So here is Ron’s 2018 Christmas Tree.   Hugs 

8 thoughts on “Ron’s Christmas Tree, try 2

    • Thank you. I will. It is one of the few things he lets himself be a kid again on, the tree and decorations. He was upset, a lot of our older out side stuff has simply worn out. I told him in the new year we will get a bunch new stuff he likes. He made two wreaths , which I thought was amazing. Hugs


      • I started decorating (I use a lot of natural brush) but the grandchildren (5 of them) are coming overnight and I didn’t want that mess plus the mess they’ll make. . .it’s put away until they leave. . . 🙂

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  • Ron’s tree looks great! I don’t have a tree this year because my son is staying with me & there isn’t room. Well — there would be but I don’t want that argument. I am going to miss my tree & my (own) handmade ornaments & all the oddball stuff I always put on the tree. But oh well. I have lights strung around the apartment & my snow scenes out & my santa candle holders.

    The other reason I agreed not to get a tree so readily is that I looked up the price of last year’s tree (I always get a real one) & it was $40 for what was little more than an overgrown shrubbery (according to last year’s diary). It was the right size for my small living room but $40 was highway robbery. I can well imagine that a tree that same size will be $50 or more that year. I can’t just afford it & feed my adult child as well! & his father is coming up from Florida for the holiday as well! I’ll have TWO of them!!!!

    (laughing & crying at the same time)

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