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December 9, 2018

Screaming at kids that Santa is not real. Way to go Christian extremest

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  1. These people are so stupid, it defies any brain activity

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    Comment by maryplumbago — December 9, 2018 @ 21:38

    • I agree. Why traumatize children? How can that make their deity happy? I watched a video from Texas last year where a preacher was doing this. Kids were crying, the parents really upset and trying to get the guy to leave. It is no way brought anyone to a deity, but it did make a lot of people angry and drive them away. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — December 10, 2018 @ 05:43

  2. I’m reminded of Richard Dawkins who objects to telling children fairy stories , of course he is pointing a finger at religion and Santa is entwined with Christian religious practice. There is a sense in which all fiction is fairy stories , and some of us may place politics in that imaginary realm. We are creatures of imagination and the certitudes of science have only recently been thrust upon us ; besides life is about much more than scientific facts. I did not foresee the religious attacking the religious for celebrating their religion but we must expect anything in such turbulent times.
    I’m all for Santa with his red coat , white beard and sack of goodies , I just love the whole show carols and all the rest. It brings back my childhood which was a most exciting unreal ( yet very real ) part of my memories.

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    Comment by kersten — December 10, 2018 @ 04:28

    • Good morning Kersten. The first part of your comment is an interesting way of looking at life. As for Santa and the festive Christmas activities I also love them. I like the lights, some of the music, the wishing best wishes to people. I dislike the religious aspects of Christmas as most of them were taken from other festivals and far too many Christians think they invented all of it and own it. Some Christians try to suck all the joy from the Holiday. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 10, 2018 @ 05:53

      • Such Christians need to be pitied, joy is a fundamental human experience celebrated all over the the world , and one of the greatest joys for us adults is to see children enjoying themselves. Earlier in the year I had to visit the local hospital and the car park is huge but it is often quite full ( a sickly lot us oldies) so I parked near a hedge and bushy area. My heart leapt when I saw two young fox cubs playing the joy of these young animals was spread to me , such moments are precious.

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        Comment by kersten — December 10, 2018 @ 08:45

    • Kersten, I like that you give some thoughts to “Life is more than Facts only!!!”

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      Comment by miles — December 10, 2018 @ 10:08

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