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December 11, 2018

Washington Post Added Classification To Accurately Reflect The Proliferation Of Presidential Lies

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This is very important information to not only know but to repeat. Keep letting people know how deep , how badly, how baseless tRump’s lies are. He is a self serving ego maniacs that thinks if he says it , then it must be true. He also thinks if he says it once he needs to exaggerate it the second and following times. What pisses me off the most, is this is hidden from most of the people. Even if main stream media covers it , they sugar coat it. At the same time Fox news denies they entire thing. So his supporters rarely see the truth and the rest of the has to slog through his bullshit. Hugs

Gronda Morin

Bottomless Pinocchios


Image result for PHOTOS OF WASHINGTON POST Bottomless Pinocchios FOUR PINOCCHIOS

The Washington Post fact checking reporters had to come up with a new fact-checking classification called the “Bottomless Pinocchios” for politicians’ lies which are repeated over and over again while restating similar fact-pattern misstatements. Their fact checkers’ worst category of 4 Pinocchios was no longer sufficient to address major lies by lawmakers.

Here’s the rest of the story…

On December 10, 2018, Glenn Kessler and Joe Fox of the Washington Post penned the following report, “The false claims that Trump keeps repeating”


The Fact Checker has evaluated false statements President Trump has made repeatedly and analyzed how often he reiterates them. The claims included here – which we’re calling “Bottomless Pinocchios” – are limited to ones that he has repeated 20 times and were rated as Three or Four Pinocchios by the Fact Checker.

Image result for images of president's tax cuts

‘the Trump tax cut was the biggest in history

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