7 thoughts on “For Ark and the vegetarians

    • The pigs should be happy, we cut all bacon and sausages from our breakfasts. I have not had a steak in a long time. We are simply just not adding meat to our meals . So far it is working OK. Hugs

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        • Ron is excited to try the rice tacos. We love tacos but had no way to make them with out hamburger. But everyone has been sending me their recipes. The suggestion was to use rice instead of hamburger. Hugs

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          • There is just one kink in it. vegetarians have to see, that their food contains enough of Ferrit. my doc didn’t check my blood for nearly 3 years and I got weaker and weaker, so pls ask your doc, to check if your blood and the other
            ferritin-stores contain enough of iron.

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            • Hello Miles. Thank you for the advice. I am already on supplements. I take two multivitamins a day and and extra 2 X 2000 units of vitamin D a day. Ron can not take the multivitamins but he does take the vitamin D. He has a problem with too much iron in his blood. He has Hemochromatosis . So he was told a long time ago to not eat red meat, and the same doctor told me to eat a lot of it. But I really am not enjoying red meat like I use to. I am getting my blood checked every three months and I am doing OK with the Vitamins. Thanks again. Hugs


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