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December 12, 2018

Milo won’t let me go to bed

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  1. Egyptians used to think of cats as royalty. The cats have never forgotten that.

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    Comment by jim- — December 12, 2018 @ 11:09

    • That is the truth. Mine think I am their man servant here only to please them. Hug

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      Comment by Scottie — December 12, 2018 @ 11:24

  2. My kitteh has “Tabby” stripes on her ribs and her tail, which show up clearly in the right light. It makes her even more beautiful in my eyes, and certainly adds to her character. As I’m typing this, she’s going thru her morning “workout program,” zooming around the house, and in and out the back door, and performing somersaults on the arm of her favorite armchair. She caught her first mouse the other night, and she was SO proud of her accomplishment; she brought it into the house and played with the carcass for an hour, and kept presenting it to me, as proof of her worthiness.

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    Comment by Dennis Cole — December 12, 2018 @ 13:17

    • She sounds wonderful. And to bring the mouse to you shows she loves you. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 12, 2018 @ 13:19

  3. Yeah, thats it!

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    Comment by miles — December 12, 2018 @ 15:08

  4. yes, because teh Kittehs know what lousy hunters we are, having to glean our food by opening cans and such. Oh, waitaminnit……that’s how SHE gets fed.

    An amusing aside: her favorite foods:
    1 Fresh-cracked Dungeness Crab, with drawn butter, minced garlic, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I kid you not – she doesn’t actually eat the garlic, but it just doesn’t taste the same without it. ( I was having it for dinner not long ago, and she just weasled her way in, once she got a whiff, so I gave her a few tiny morsels, to see if she would eat it. I ended up having to fight her for the rest of it, lol.)
    2. Nova Scotia smoked salmon. From wild fish only, mind you; none of this fake, farmed fish.
    3. Yogurt. Yep. And she doesn’t seem to have a favorite flavor. I regularly eat yogurt right before I take my evening meds, and she walked up to me whilst I was spooning it up, and began sniffing around, and decided she wanted some, and now it’s a regular part of her diet.
    4. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, (she prefers it with REAL maple syrup, and NOT brown sugar,) and other breakfast treats.

    I know, I know, I’m not supposed to feed my fur-baby human food, but I only give her tiny portions, and she devours her kitteh food, so I don’t see any harm in it. After all, aren’t we supposed to spoil them a bit?

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    Comment by Dennis Cole — December 12, 2018 @ 15:09

    • I remember a saved cat we had by the name of George. I had rescued him as a kitten when he had been abandoned. He bonded to me. The year after we took him in, I had a core decompression on my right hip / leg bone. My bones were dying and the idea was if they drilled holes in my leg as it healed it would get more blood to the parts of the bone that needed it. They do not do it now as it is a total failure. But it required me to stay in bed for a month and after to not use the leg or put weight on it for another three months. ( shortly after that I ended up in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years. ) So when I got home from the hospital Ron set me up in the spare room. The first night I was home I woke up to feel something squiggling on my face. I slapped it away. I could see George the cat run off the bed, grab something and come back with it and again try to press it into my mouth. I pushed him away and yelled for Ron. When Ron turned on the light he saw that George had caught a lizard and was trying to feed it to me. Also my bed had his dry cat food around my head and neck. George apparently thought I was sick because I needed food and had carried his dry food in his mouth to me in bed. When I would not take it, he went and caught a lizard thinking that would help. We all had a good laugh and Ron picked up all the cat food while I snuggled George. I am glad he did not get a hold of a mouse like your wonderful one did. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 12, 2018 @ 16:52

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