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December 22, 2018

A Wall or a White Elephant?

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A wonderful break down of the border wall situation. I would add also that history will remember any attempt at the border wall as tRumps folly. The interesting thing is illegal crossing of the southern border has been declining for 2 decades. A large reason for that is the economic situation in Mexico has greatly improved due to the trade agreements we have with them. Most illegal immigrants are people who come in on a visa and overstay that visa. They don’t leave when the visa ends. Also the northern border has far more illegal crossings and is a far less regulated and controlled border. Yet no outcry from the tRump admin? Could it be because most of the northern border crossers are thought to be of that valued white skin? A white origin? Every reasonable essay on the current immigration policies of the tRump administration clearly shows it is bigotry / racist driven. Hugs

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Back in June 2017, the BBC did an excellent, in-depth and well-researched report about the problems associated with Trump’s proposed ‘big, beautiful wall’ that Mexico isn’t going to pay for.  It is worth visiting at this time, when Trump’s demands that his wall be funded have caused a partial shutdown of our government and have contributed to a tumbling stock market.  What is the reality about building the wall?  What is the likely cost?  What are some of the hurdles?

I want to share some of the more salient points, and you can read the entire report using the link (above). The report breaks it down into six areas:

1. The geography is pretty unfriendly

In fact, the actual border is, in many places, defined as the deepest channel of the river. Building a wall in the middle of the Rio Grande would be challenging for obvious reasons, but there are…

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