Off line for a while, sorry

So for about two weeks I noticed  my anti-virus and disk sweep programs have been returning me a problem with my Microsoft.Powershell\”ExecutionPolicy”was causing faults and warnings.  It should normally be set to restrictive unless you give permission in the powershell for other modes.   I had not.  I do not want scrips or unknown bots running on my computers..   So I changed it.  I looked it all up and used what I knew to change the registry on it.

Dang if it did not keep coming back.  I checked and rest the permissions on the video computer.  No problem the settings stayed the same even through all the restarts, and other tests I could do.  So I knew it was in my main computer.  SO I started a computer reset, but had t go to get my allergy shots.

I got home and tried three times to bring my main computer online.   It will do so , but when I go to load the anti-virus and other security programs it starts acting weird.  So I am again resetting it, but this time I have disabled its access to the internet  I unplugged the Ethernet cable.

What should ave taken a few hours has now taking an entire today and may not be done until tomorrow.   Hugs



8 thoughts on “Off line for a while, sorry

    • Thanks Jill. I stress about my computers, I like them to run at top performance and to be secure. So I am always trying to make them better. If I see something I don’t think should be happening I get nervous. This time I may have jumped the gun a bit. But it never hurts to do a clean install every now and again. Hugs

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  • Computer Glitches send me into a tail spin.
    However, with this laptop – which I inherited – there is no anti- virus other than Defender. I have never had a days problem with it other than when I first downloaded Libre Office which caused my CPU to go through through the roof. I deleted it and reinstalled a newer version and, thank the gods, have had no probs. since, touch wood.
    I occasionally wonder if some of the things designed to prevent problems actually contribute to them!

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    • You are correct. Part of the problem I have is I want things a certain way. Fixing computers use to be my bread and butter before I went to work for the hospital. So I pay attention to the smallest hiccup that others wouldn’t care about. Like this morning I went through my router, checked the traffic and updated the firmware. I have the task manager running all the time so I can view all the resources usage and how the CPU’s cores are running. I was wrong in needing to dump the computer because it is what you said, one Norton program resets the Poweshell registry, and the other one sets it back the other way. Be well. Hugs

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