I have been saying it was only a matter of time before the christian bigots went after other groups they don’t like, and especially single women.   They are determined to make this country a christian theocracy where Christian rule and other must live as the Christians dictate.  Your freedoms don’t matter, all that matters is their religious doctrines get the force of law.   Hugs

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is considering whether to grant a South Carolina request that would effectively allow faith-based foster care agencies in the state the ability to deny Jewish parents from fostering children in its network. The argument, from the state and from the agency, is that the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act should not force a Protestant group to work with Jewish people if it violates a tenet of their faith.

The case being made by South Carolina is an extension of the debate around RFRA, which is more commonly associated with discrimination against LGBTQ people, but by no means applies exclusively to that group.

If granted, the exemption would allow Miracle Hill Ministries, a Protestant social service agency working in the state’s northwest region, to continue receiving federal dollars while “recruiting Christian foster families,” which it has been doing since 1988, according to its website. That discrimination would apply not just to Jewish parents, but also to parents who are Muslim, Catholic, Unitarian, atheist, agnostic or other some other non-Protestant Christian denomination.


      • Many in the South live in the past…due to lack of travel and seeing a wider world, not a good education and religion that is fundamentalist or evangelical, more poverty, less good jobs that require some intellect and family dynamics that keep this repression going.

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    • It boggles the mind how some humans can justify discrimination against others for no real reason. It is like kids arguing on the playground which ones god can beat up the other ones god. It is not about religion really I think it is about power. Control. The power to control others and to reward those who agree with you , and to punish those who disagree with you. Also notice at no point is the best interests of the children taken into account, just who plays on what team. Hugs

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      • Yeah, seriously. I seriously don’t see any rational reason why some foster care people would be barred because of their religion. Their beliefs and worldviews shouldn’t hinder them from taking care of the children especially if they are proven to be worthy foster parents, caretakers, etc. Exactly! How are the kids’ welfare being taken into consideration?

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    • Yes, it seems the religious fundamentalist are making a full court press to get their views into the laws before they are made obsolete entirely. It seems that the non religious people are growing, and even the young Christians are not following their parents bigoted views. The sad fact is normally these things would work, but these are not normal times and they are getting their way. We LGBT non-Christians may need to apply to Canada for asylum. Hugs

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  • Excuse any ignorance or naivety on my part, but:
    If such discrimination is legislated against, how does one protect a child adopted through such a place as Miracle Hill from subsequently not being indoctrinated into another faith?
    Maybe the kids have no faith, then what?
    In the case of boys, what is to prevent Jewish Parents for example from having the child circumcised on religious grounds?
    In the case of a girl what is to prevent Muslim parents raising the child to believe she must wear the burqa and all the other ridiculous paraphernalia that is associated with Islam?

    In fact, why are

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    • You are correct Ark, and that is part of the christian adoption agencies goal. To place all kids with a family of their religion and then indoctrinate them so they will be good robots for that faith. I wondered why the migrant children taken away from parents at the border were being shipped all over the country and adopted out all done quickly and quietly in the dead of the night, until it was reported the agencies responsible for this were fundamental christian sects. Yup get the little ones young even if they are brown and they will be ours for life.

      These groups simply have no respect for the ideas or feelings of any others including the parents and of the kids. They want to force their god on everyone so that god will give them good boy crown in heaven or something. The only difference now is they are embolden and doing it in the open. I think it is almost a sickness or a mental illness. Hugs


      • My point was, what is to stop religious parents from indoctrinating adopted kids?

        If the practices of Miracle Hill are deemed discriminatory and are outlawed how is any child protected against being raised in a another religion? How is a child with no faith protected against being raised, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim, for example?

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          • Yes and no. I reckon it is a legit question.
            Think about it: The woman is Jewish trying to foster(adopt?) a Christian child.
            Now I am not saying any sort of religious instruction would necessarily be offered by the foster parents/ adoptive couples but I was curious if there is any policy regarding such a possibility?
            Certainly introduces another dimension, does it not?

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            • There is no known example of it being a problem and no law cases have come to attention. Non-christian adoption agencies simply want the child to have a foster or full time home. So normally it is not a problem. Older kids who might have a religious affiliation they try to put them in a home of their religion , but I have never heard of a case where an older child was placed in a home and forced to change religion. See most groups go on what is in the best interest of the child as do the ones wanting to house the children, where as these christian advocacy adoption groups are only interested in indoctrinating children in to there religion despite any prior faith the kids may have been taught. In fact as you say the mission is to over ride any non-christian teachings the kids may have. It is all for the benefit of the church , with no care about what is good for the child. Hugs

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