3 thoughts on “Trump’s promises from Nan. Thank you. Hugs

  • Hi Scottie;
    I just read something that sparked a bit of investigation, and this was a good place to share it….
    Trump gave out a tax cut to the very rich. Cost to deficit: somewhere between $1-6 trillion, depending on how far you go out and from whom you take information.
    Now, what he has decided to unhinge the government for with this shutdown? $5-10 billion.
    And, now just a bit of math: there are 1000 billion in 1 trillion.
    So, I have a solution to the wall issue: revoke the tax cut.
    Any bets?

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    • I love the idea Randy, and no it wont happen. It is like the idea of taking the money from the very over bloated military budget, it wont happen because that takes money from the donor class. Not suppose to work that way according to them. The whole problem really is tRump’s pride. Hugs


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